Master of Environmental Studies

MES Thesis Presentation Schedule

Spring 2014 thesis presentations will be on May 27 & 29 and June 3 & 5.

The public is welcome to attend any MES thesis presentation.

Prospective students are encouraged to attend!
Dates and times are subject to change.

May 27th Lecture Hall 5

Faculty Thesis Director:  Erin Martin, PhD
4:00     Traci Sanderson    “The Use of Stable Nitrogen Isotopes in Macroalgae to

            Evaluate Watershed Level Anthropogenic Nitrogen Inputs to Hood Canal, Washington”

4:15     Lisa Abdulghani  “Examination of Bivalve Shell Degradation for Alkalinity

            Regeneration Purposes in Hood Canal, Washington”

4:30     David Anderson  “Harbor Porpoise Return to the South Puget Sound: Using

            Bioacoustic Methods to Monitor a Recovering Population”

4:45     Jennifer Runyan  “Seasonal Variation of the Genus Dinophysis within

            Puget Sound, Washington:  Understanding Harmful Algal Blooms through

            Species Identification”

5:00     Carola Tejeda  “Analysis of the Potential Carbon Sequestration Capacity of

            Eelgrass Beds in Port Gamble, Puget Sound”

Faculty Thesis Director:  Ted Whitesell, PhD

5:15     Jennifer Dunn  “A Formative Evaluation of Washington State's Biodiesel

            Renewable Fuel Standard”

5:30     Krystle Keese  “A Multi-Functional Landscape Approach to Reconciling

            Renewable Energy and Crucial Habitat Needs in Washington State”

5:45     Kyli Rhoads  "Measuring Community Resilience to Natural Disasters: A Case

            Study of Thurston County, Washington"

May 29th  Lecture Hall 3

Faculty Thesis Director:  Dina Roberts, PhD
4:00     Bonnie Blessing  “Wetland, Soil and Geology at Oregon Spotted Frog Locales in

            Thurston County, Washington”

4:15     Cory Mounts  “Value of Direct-Sales Farms to Habitat Conservation in Thurston

            County, Washington”

4:30     Stacey Plumley  “Modeling Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse Lek Occupancy to

            Guide Site Selection for On-going Translocations and Species Population


4:45     Molly Sullivan  "A Temporal Analysis of Elk Movement in Relation to

            Transportation Infrastructure" 

5:00     Break

Faculty Thesis Director:  Carri LeRoy, PhD
5:15     Jaal Mann  “Prairie Fire as a Selective Agent: Second-Generation Responses

            and Plant Community Shifts” 

June 3rd Lecture Hall 5

Faculty Thesis Director:   Martha Henderson, PhD
4:00     Fiona Edwards  “Investigating Disaster Preparedness within a Transitory

            Community: A Case Study of Student Attitudes at the Evergreen State College”

4:15     Matthew Marino  “The Real State of Real Estate in Coastal Santa Cruz County,

            CA: A case study of the Pleasure Point Seawall Project”

4:30     Danielle Pucci  “Exploring the Interwoven Relationship of  Eco-Fashion:  A

            Production and Consumption Assessment of the Organic Cotton Garment”

4:45     Laura Thelen  “Brownfield Impacts on Residential Property Values: A Case Study

            Of Rainier Court Redevelopment Project, Seattle, Washington”

5:15     Samuel Wilson  "A Story of Transit in Seattle: Employing Life-cycle Assessment

            A and Comparative Analysis to Reveal Holistic Perspectives of Sustainable


June 5th    Lecture Hall 5

Faculty Thesis Director:  Ralph Murphy, PhD
4:00     Josiah Narog   “The Fox Island Energy Crisis - A Natural Experiment in Voluntary

            Energy  Conservation”

Faculty Thesis Director:  Kevin Francis, PhD
4:15     Jana Fischback  “Social Marketing for Residential Energy Efficiency: Motivations

            and Barriers Relating to Home Improvements in the Puget Sound Region”

4:30     Abbey Allen  “A Comparative Analysis of Environmental Education: North

            Carolina, California, and Hawaii”

4:45     Britt O’Leary  “The Response of Birds to Drought: Examining Species

            Abundance and Richness with the Christmas Bird Count”

 5:00    Charissa Waters  "Payments for Ecosystem Services in Washington State:

            Understanding Stakeholder Values and Potential Coalitions in the Nisqually

            Watershed Services Transaction Pilot Project"