Master of Environmental Studies

MES Thesis Information & Resources

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Human Subject Review Information

Thesis Ideas

Do you need help deciding on a thesis topic?  Here are some resources:

  • Past MES Theses - The Evergreen Library Catalog lists all MES theses, alphabetical by title.  Most theses written after 2006 can be accessed as PDF files. 
  • List of all electronic theses in PDF format - A quick list of all the electronic theses in the library - mostly from 2006 to present
  • MES Faculty Directory - Don't forget to talk to MES faculty to help you with your brainstorming.  You may also want to talk to non-MES faculty in your interest area. Remember that only MES core faculty can be thesis readers.

Thesis Submission

All students must submit at least one paper thesis, signed by your reader, to be bound for library archives and one electronic thesis for library circulation.  When you are ready to submit, please follow the formatting guidelines in the MES Thesis Handbook (above), fill out the Thesis Binding Order Form (above), pay your binding fee at the Cashier's Office (instructions in Handbook), and then set up an appointment with the MES Student Assistant by calling 360-867-5940.  Once your thesis is submitted, we will send it to be bound as soon as we receive a handful of other theses.  You will be contacted when we receive the bound copies (up to 8 weeks after mailing) if you ordered any copies for yourself.  Your thesis must be submitted no later than the Friday of Week 10 of the quarter in which you last took thesis credits.