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State Required Admissions Tests

Required Admissions Tests: WEST-B and WEST-E

Passing a basic-skills assessment (reading, writing and mathematics) and passing one or more specific content area assessments is required for completion of all Washington-approved teacher preparation programs and admission to MiT. In Washington, these assessments are the WEST-B and WEST-E, administered by the Evaluations Systems Group of Pearson Education, Inc. Information on how to prepare for the tests, register and pay can be found at the Washington Educator Skills Tests website at To check seat availability throughout the U.S. and internationally, see; to locate a test center see Local sites include Lacey, Tacoma, Renton and Seattle. A few of these tests will be given for the last time in paper format in Oct. 2013. Most are already available year-round in computerized format only, and all will be by Jan. 2014. Scores are reported approximately 14 times a year, so please plan accordingly. Retakes on the computer tests are not allowed for 45 days. Test early so your scores arrive by application deadlines.

WEST-B: The Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic is comprised of three subtests on reading, writing and mathematics required for admission to teacher preparation programs in Washington. The minimum passing score is 240 out of 300 points on each section. Applicants must pass all three subtests to be admitted to the MiT program. All sections do not have to be taken on the same test date. The last paper administration will be Oct. 5, 2013. Beginning Nov. 2013, the test will be available throughout the year in computerized format only.

Candidates entering a Washington approved teaching preparation program after September 1, 2013 may substitute a passing score on one or more sections of the SAT or ACT for the equivalent passing scores on the WEST-B.The adopted passing scores for SAT and ACT are listed below.

Cut Score Comparison Table of Passing Minimum Scores

Math 240 515 22 (1995-present)
Reading 240 500 (use verbal score 1996-2004) 22 (1995-present)
Writing 240 490 (2004-present) 8 (2/05-present)

Official score reports are required from the company. Former and current Evergreen students with official SAT and/or ACT scores reported to the college for undergraduate admissions should notify MiT advisor Maggie Foran so she can check if the test date and actual scores are acceptable and to provide a copy of the scores to Admissions from Evergreen’s electronic records.

WEST-E: The Washington Educator Skills Tests-Endorsements are multiple choice tests of content knowledge required for each endor sement for Washington teaching certificates. Passing scores of at least 240 are an admissions requirement for Evergreen’s MiT program. Most of these tests are available in computerized format year-round. Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Physics and Science will be paper tests last offered Oct. 5, 2013, and then on computer only beginning Nov. 2013. Theatre, Visual Arts and World Language tests will be paper tests last offered Oct. 5, 2013, and then on computer only beginning in Jan. 2014. The length of computer based tests varies by test, each elementary education subtest is 75 minutes, the ELA and SS tests are 150 minutes, and the Mathematics test is 240 minutes for instance.

French, Spanish and Japanese candidates for fall 2014 will take the Designated World Languages WEST-E in addition to the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or computerized interview (OPIC) and the Written Proficiency Test (WPT) from These proficiencies must be passed at the advanced low level. Evergreen’s MiT program anticipates no longer offering language endorsements beginning fall 2015.

Contact or (800) 784-4999 for registration windows, information, bulletins, a list of acceptable calculators and study guides for the WEST-B and WEST-E tests. You are welcome to review study materials at the Teacher Education Programs Resource room on the Evergreen Campus.

WEST-E Subject Assessments for fall 2014 MiT Applicants

Endorsement/test name and test code offered by unless noted:

  • Biology (022)
  • Chemistry (023)
  • Earth and Space Science (024)
  • Elementary Education
    Subtest 1: Mathematics, Science, Health and Fitness (005)
    Subtest 2: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts (006)
  • English Language Arts (020)
  • English Language Learners (051)
  • French - Designated World Language WEST-E (100) and ACTFL OPI or OPIc and WPT from
  • German - Designated World Language WEST-E (100) and ACTFL OPI or OPIc and WPT from
  • History (027)
  • Japanese – Designated World Language WEST-E (100) and ACTFL OPI or OPIc and WPT from
  • Mathematics (026)
  • Middle Level Humanities
    Subtest 1: English Language Arts (010)
    Subtest 2: Social Studies (011)
  • Middle Level Mathematics (012)
  • Middle Level Science (013)
  • Reading (030)
  • Science (021)
  • Social Studies (028)
  • Spanish - Designated World Language WEST-E (100) and ACTFL OPI or OPIc and WPT from
  • Theatre Arts (032)
  • Visual Arts (033)
  • Those applicants desiring to meet the early admissions deadline will need to take tests no later than December 29, 2013. The last test date to meet the fall 2014 application deadline is March 23, 2014. Applicants with only a WEST-B or a WEST-E score may occasionally be conditionally admitted after the application deadline on a space available basis, with the requirement of passing the remaining tests before program start.

    Out of State Applicants

    Applicants residing outside Washington State are encouraged to take the WEST tests at one of the Pearson testing locations around the U.S., or at over 30 international sites. Please see to check seat availability and test locations. The state also allows as a WEST B substitute if you live outside Washington at time of application the Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST) from the Educational Testing Service, the CBEST, or the Oregon State Essential Academic Skills Test. Passing scores for the PPST are at least 177 for reading, 176 for math and 174 for writing. CBEST scores must be at least 37 for reading, math and writing, and a composite score of 123 or better.