Master in Teaching

Teacher Performance Assessment

As of January 2014, State regulations will require that all Washington State teacher candidates take and pass the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) in addition to meeting specific program requirements to be recommended for certification. The fee for the test is $300. Candidates at Evergreen will prepare and submit their portfolios for the edTPA in their first student teaching placement. Those who do not pass will have a second opportunity to pass the edTPA in their second student teaching placement. Candidates will incur additional retesting fees if a second attempt is necessary.

The edTPA assessment focuses on effective teaching in five areas: i) planning, ii) instruction, iii) assessment, iv) analysis of teaching, and, v) academic language. Guided by prompts and rubrics, candidates create a portfolio that provides evidence of their abilities in the above areas. Portfolios are submitted to Pearson and are scored by educators trained by Pearson. Candidates who achieve the passing score set by the Professional Educator Standards Board are eligible for recommendation for certification if all other program requirements are met. Those who do not achieve the required score will follow the remediation steps outlined on p. 12 of the MiT Policies and Procedures Guidebook.