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What You Can Teach

In order to teach a specific subject, you need to have an endorsement. Endorsements come with different levels, equivalent to the grade levels you can teach at.

To earn an endorsement to teach a specific subject, you must:

  • Have completed coursework in your preferred endorsement area
  • Take tests that demonstrate your content knowledge
  • Complete curriculum planning, assessment and teaching methods work for your endorsement within MiT, and a field experience
Student teacher, McCurdy (Mac) Jones III (MiT '07), with his class

Mac Jones, MIT '07, in his class at River Ridge High School.

Endorsement Levels

All Level: P–12 endorsements cover a subject area that you can teach at any level, from birth (preschool) all the way through high school. Most P–12 endorsements require a second endorsement.

Elementary: K–8 is the state endorsement for teaching elementary school. You’ll be prepared to teach in schools where students stay in the same class all day long.

Middle: 4–9 endorsements specifically prepare you to teach in intermediate, middle school, or junior high schools.

Secondary: 5–12 endorsements prepare you to teach in any intermediate, middle school, junior high, or high school, where teachers teach specific subjects and students move from class to class.

Amy Solomon-Minarchi teaches her class

Amy Solomon-Minarchi teaches American Literature at the high school where she now works.

Endorsements Offered at Evergreen

Evergreen offers endorsements in 20 areas, including some that are offered at only a few places in Washington state. Successful applicants to MiT will meet or exceed the minimum coursework expectations for one endorsement area, documented on the worksheet.

Download the worksheet for your selected endorsement to see what coursework and other things are required. The WEST-E Code tells you which tests you need to take for your endorsement in addition to the WEST-B. Find out more about required tests. View a sample worksheet.

Endorsements Offered at Evergreen
Endorsement Level 2nd Endorsement Prerequisites Worksheets WEST-E Code
Biology 5–12 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 305
Chemistry 5–12 Required Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 306
Earth and Space Science 5–12


another science or math preferred

Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 307
Elementary Education K–8 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 102 & NES 103
English Language Arts 5–12 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 301
English Language Learners P–12


generally elementary or ELA

Prerequisites (MS Word) 051
History 5–12 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) 027
Mathematics 5–12   Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 304
Middle Level Humanities (English and Social Studies) 4–9 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) 052 & 053
Middle Level Math 4–9   Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 203
Middle Level Science 4–9 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 204
Physics 5–12


generally another science or math

Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 308
Reading P–12


Elementary Education or ELA preferred

Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 104
Science 5–12


a specific science

Prerequisites (MS Word) NES 311
Social Studies 5–12 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) 028
Theatre Arts P–12 Required Prerequisites (MS Word) 055
Visual Arts P–12 Encouraged Prerequisites (MS Word) 503
World Languages: French, Japanese, or Spanish P–12 Required Prerequisites (MS Word) 100*

Upon application, submit worksheet with courses completed, planned and in progress. List all worksheets in quarter credit hours, converting semester hours to equivalant quarter credits. Successful applicats will meet or exceede the minimum coursework expectations and have most of it done by the time of application.

* Foreign language endorsements also require the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or computerized interview (OPIC) and the Written Proficiency Test (WPT) from Language Testing International. These proficiencies must be passed at the advanced low level.