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Bilingual Education Endorsement

Bilingual Education

Minimum expectations for this endorsement are 24 credits from a specific set of courses at Evergreen or equivalent courses at other institutions.  These courses are not currently available at Evergreen, please review similar coursework taken at other institutions that cover the state's endorsement competencies for the bilingual education endorsement with MiT certification officer Maggie Foran.  For MiT admissions purposes, another endorsement is required with this endorsement, preferably from a core content endorsement such as elementary education, middle-level humanities, science, math or social studies.

  • Foundations of Bilingual/English Language Teaching - history of bilingual and second language education in the United States, issues of cultural and linguistic diversity including impacts of family and community, and central issues in language acquisition research - 4 credits.
  • Language Acquisition and Literacy Development - study of language as a system with an emphasis on linguistic, literacy, and content-area instructional strategies for bilingual and English language learners.  Knowledge of basic interpersonal skills (BICS) and cognitive language proficiency, incorporating the domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English and second language of instruction - 4 credits.
  • Assesment and Content Area Instructional Strategies for English and Second Language of Instruction I - 6 credits.
  • Assessment and Content Area Instructional Strategies for English and Second Language of Instruction II - 6 credits.
  • Bilingual Teaching Methods - supports learning in the second and first language of instruction - 4 credits by individual learning contract with appropriate faculty sponsor at Evergreen or through completion of a foreign language teaching methods course at another institution such as FR 4500 Foreign Language Online Methods Course through Weber State University.
  • Second language coursework.
  • In addition to passing the WEST-E for Designated World Languages, applicants must verify speaking, listening, reading and writing in a second language through passing the ACTFL oral proficiency interview (OPI or OPIc) and writing test (WPT) at the advanced mid level. See for OPI and WPT test information.

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