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Special Education Endorsement

Special Education

Minimum expectations for MiT candidates are: having completed 34 credits from a specific set of seven special education endorsement courses offered at Evergreen (possibly summer 2013-2014) or similar courses at other institutions that covered foundations of special education, assessment, planning and managing the teaching environment and student behavior, curriculum planning and adaptation and professional issues. For further information, contact the MiT advisor. For MiT admissions purposes, another endorsement is required with this endorsement, preferably from a content endorsement such as elementary education, science, math, English or social studies.

  • Introduction to Special Education and Special Education Law - 4 credits (to include history, philosophies, theories, laws, definitions and identification of individuals with disabilities, and characteristics of learners; may be offered summer 2013 at Evergreen).
  • Assessment of Special Needs and Development of IEPs - 6 credits (assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, documentation; may be offered fall 2013 at Evergreen, includes practicum).
  • Collaboration and Conflict resolution - 2 credits (may be offered fall 2013 at Evergreen).
  • Curriculum and Instruction I and IEPS:  Literacy, math, RTI and Differentiation - 8 credits (may be offered winter 2014 at Evergreen, includes practicum).
  • Curriculum and Instruction II:  Adaptation and Assistive Technologies in the Classroom - 3 credits (may be offered spring 2014 at Evergreen, includes practicum).
  • Behavior and Classroom Management - 5 credits (may be offered spring 2014 at Evergreen, includes practicum).
  • Professional Seminar in Special Education - 6 credits (includes special education research, best practices, early childhood SPED trends and curriculum, transition planning, ethical practice and further resources for professional development; may be offered summer 2014 at Evergreen).

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