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Endorsement Worksheets

All applicants are required to select one 'certificate endorsement,' which establishes the subject and grade levels to be taught. Another endorsement can be selected although one cannot choose both an Elementary Education endorsement and a secondary-level endorsement. Candidates pursuing Earth and Space Science, Physics, Science, Theater Arts  or Reading as an endorsement must select a second endorsement. Candidates pursuing Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Physics, Theater Arts or a World Language endorsement must select a second endorsement. Reading and English Language Learners endorsements also require a second endorsement, preferably in a core content area such as elementary education or English language arts.

The endorsements available through the MiT program are listed below. Click on the endorsement to download the corresponding worksheet. 

Get detailed instructions about completing endorsement worksheets here.

Please note that applicants are encouraged to have all endorsement course work done at time of application. However, an applicant who lacks coursework towards fulfilling the content preparation expectations for an endorsement may be granted conditional acceptance into the program if he/she is generally well-prepared in that endorsement area and has a plan to complete the remaining coursework; if the applicant is accepted, this remaining coursework and deadline(s) for its completion will be clearly specified in the admission letter. No more than 8 credits can remain to be taken at the time the program begins -- these remaining credits can be taken during the summer between year one and year two. Failure to complete coursework by the deadlines specified in the admission letter will result in discontinuation from the program.

All expected endorsement coursework is to assist applicants in passing the West-E and to meet the knowledge competencies as outlined by the state in each area.

Elementary Education (K-8)
Elementary Education Word
Middle Level (4-9)
Middle Level Humanities Word
Middle Level Math Word
Middle Level Science Word
Secondary (5-12)
English Language Arts Word
History Word
Social Studies Word
Biology Word
*Chemistry Word
Mathematics Word
Earth and Space Science* Word
Physics* Word
Science* Word
All Level (Preschool - 12)
Theatre Arts* Word
*Designated World Languages
(French, Japanese, Spanish)
English Language Learners (ELL)* Word
Reading* Word
Visual Arts Word
Samples of Completed Worksheets
Elementary Education and Secondary Examples PDF

* If you choose one of these endorsement areas, you must also choose another endorsement area, preferably without an *.