Master in Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get up-to-date information about teacher certification in Washington State?

For information about teacher certification in Washington State see the State Superintendent's web site, The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB), and the Teach Washington web site,

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is the subject area in which a certified teacher is authorized to teach, along with the designated grade levels for that area.

How many endorsements may I choose?

The Master in Teaching program will review and approve up to two endorsements for admission. You may not choose both an elementary education endorsement and a secondary-level endorsement at the same time. The Master in Teaching program does not provide instruction in methods necessary to teach such a broad range of grade levels. Only those subject-area endorsements (maximum of two) approved during the admissions process qualify for consideration for the Residency Teaching Certificate earned upon successful completion of the Master in Teaching program.

What teacher certification is earned in the Master in Teaching program?

A student who successfully completes the Master in Teaching program and meets state-approved endorsement requirements will receive Washington's beginning-level teaching certificate (Residency Certification) with one or two endorsement areas.

What statewide tests will need to be taken before or during the MiT program to earn an endorsement?

Recent changes in teacher certification regulations in Washington require that teacher candidates take three new assessments: the WEST-B (or submitting appropriate SAT or ACT scores) , the WEST-E (there is a separate WEST-E for each endorsement area), and the Washington Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).  Taking the WEST-B and the WEST-E are admissions requirements for the MiT program. A WEST-E test must be taken for each endorsement area. The edTPA will be taken as part of the student teaching experience.

Is there teaching certification reciprocity with other states?

The state of Washington holds reciprocity agreements with a number of other states through the National Association of State Directors of Teaching Education and Certification (NASDTEC). Your Washington teaching certification will be recognized by nearly all other states through NASDTEC interstate contracts. Some states issue "limited certificates" that may require teacher candidates to complete additional requirements within a specified period of time. The requirements are typically state-specific coursework and/or tests.

Do I need to have all my endorsement coursework completed to be accepted in the program?

While you may have endorsement coursework planned or in progress at time of application, you must be within eight or fewer credits of completing all the subject matter endorsement requirements specified in your offer of admission by the time the program cycle begins in the fall. If you have been accepted to the program but lack specified subject matter coursework for your endorsement, you will need to complete that coursework in the summer before the first year of the program or in the summer between your first and second years. Completion of all endorsement coursework is a prerequisite for student teaching, which begins fall quarter of the second year. It is not possible to take additional coursework during the six quarters of the Master in Teaching program.

In what endorsement areas can I seek teaching certification through the MiT program?

Elementary Education
Middle Level Humanities
Middle Level Math
Middle Level Science
Secondary Biology
Secondary Chemistry
Secondary Earth and Space Science
Secondary English/Language Arts
Secondary History
Secondary Mathematics
Secondary Physics
Secondary Science
Secondary Social Studies
All Level Designated World Languages (French, Japanese, Spanish)
All Level English Language Learners (to be discontinued after fall 2014)
All Level Reading
All Level Theatre Arts
All Level Visual Arts

Besides college course work, are there alternatives to meeting the coursework expectations for an endorsement?

If elements of content knowledge in your endorsement area have been acquired through life experience or independent study and you have passed the associated WEST-E, these experiences will be considered by the admissions committee for possible waiver of one or more of the coursework expectations listed on the endorsement worksheet. You are strongly urged to contact the MiT advisor before submitting your application if you are considering meeting endorsement expectations in an alternative fashion.