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Your placement file and academic preparation page are key tools in your search for a teaching placement.

I see the benefits of Evergreen’s interdisciplinary approach at my high school as MiT alumni make connections and foster projects with teachers of different subjects.

Stephen Rood, North Thurston High School Principal

Placement File Information for Master in Teaching and Teacher Education Program Alumni

As of Monday, August 3, 2015, our long-standing placement files system will retire. All placement files will be archived but accessible if needed. New placement files will not be opened after August 3, 2015.


There are two reasons. First, the majority of school districts have online application systems, complete with a letter request system if they require confidential letters of recommendation. Otherwise, those systems expect the applicant to upload all information themselves. Second, very few students use placement files, and fewer still update their files with current information. Therefore, we are following suit with other Washington universities and colleges and moving to self-managed job search documents.

What do I do now?

Should a district require confidential letters of recommendation and not have a letter request system in place, you might consider opening a new account with an independent dossier file service provider at a more cost-effective yearly cost than our old system. We recommend Interfolio. That account and its maintenance will be under your sole control and responsibility.

What does this mean for cooperating teachers, student teaching supervisors, and faculty members?

All letters of recommendation requested by you from cooperating teachers, student teaching supervisors, and faculty members should be sent directly to you rather than to Placement File Services. Encourage your recommenders to save an electronic copy that they can provide to school districts directly if needed.

Can students still get help and advice on creating and maintaining their placement files?

ABSOLUTELY. We strongly encourage current students and alumni to ask any questions about self-managed placement files. Make an appointment with Loren Petty, Education Field Experience and Community Relations Office for individual advising should they need or want help.

Academic Preparation Page

Your Academic Preparation Page is a snapshot of your background for potential employers. In one to two pages, you'll list your masters and endorsement credits, plus any other academic background relevant to the position.

This document should show the depth and breadth of your preparation. It also includes anything really interesting like foreign language or technology expertise. As you create your list of preparatory credits, consider what you've done that really stands out.

Review a sample for an English/Language Arts (grades 5-12) candidate (Word).


Elements of your placement file