Placement Files

Your placement file and academic preparation page are key tools in your search for a teaching placement.

I see the benefits of Evergreen’s interdisciplinary approach at my high school as MiT alumni make connections and foster projects with teachers of different subjects.

Stephen Rood, North Thurston High School Principal

Placement Files

Many districts will request a placement file when you apply for a teaching job; they can request it directly from the Master in Teaching program in a standardized format. However, different districts have different application methods and requirements. Always check before you apply.

Even if you don't use the placement file process in a specific application, these materials will be useful in your job search.

You’ll pay a $50 fee to create and store your placement file with us. You can always update it with new information or when you are looking for a new teaching position.

Contact us to request updates or have files sent to a potential employer.

Elements of your placement file

Academic Preparation Page

Your Academic Preparation Page is a snapshot of your background for potential employers. In one to two pages, you'll list your masters and endorsement credits, plus any other academic background relevant to the position.

This document should show the depth and breadth of your preparation. It also includes anything really interesting like foreign language or technology expertise. As you create your list of preparatory credits, consider what you've done that really stands out.

Review a sample for an English/Language Arts (grades 5-12) candidate (Word).