MiT Program Overview

Become a well-prepared teacher who makes a difference. Evergreen’s Master in Teaching is a full-time, two-year daytime program including coursework, classroom observation, and student teaching.

Two Years, Six Quarters

  • Year one: three quarters of daytime coursework with weekly classroom observation
  • Year two: fall and spring student teaching and winter daytime coursework

The program is a total of 96 quarter credits. There are no evening, weekend, or summer quarter courses.

When you successfully complete the program, you will have earned a Master's degree and a recommendation for the Residency (first) Teacher Certificate for Washington State with the endorsement you selected at the start of the program.

A student teacher helps one of her students.

Candidates will student teach in local public school classrooms.

Year One: Setting the Foundation

All your coursework is taken in a single full-time interdisciplinary program, much like Evergreen undergraduate programs. There are no separate courses. All teaching candidates learn together with a group of faculty, meeting three days a week.

Learning the basics

Candidates break into seminar groups for discussion. You’ll also take part in workshops to focus on strategies specific to your endorsement level or subjects. Course readings cover the larger social issues involved in teaching.

You’ll learn planning, teaching methods, and assessment. You’ll develop your skills to effectively work with your future students and their communities. You’ll consider what it means to be a professional, and what you personally need to become a good teacher.

Weekly in-classroom field experience

At the same time, you’ll be placed in a classroom for weekly field experience. After a period of observing classrooms at all levels, you’ll spend the rest of the school year in a single classroom. Your mentor teacher will provide you with increasing levels of responsibility in the classroom, including planning and teaching a unit to the class.

Back in the seminar setting, you can talk through the issues you encounter with your fellow teaching students and faculty.

Typical Year One Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Workshops & Seminar
9 am–4 pm

9 am–2 pm

9 am–1 pm

Workshops & Seminar
9 am–4 pm

No Scheduled Classes

You will receive a narrative evaluation from your faculty at the end of the year. Find out more about narrative evaluations at Evergreen.

Young students participate in class

The MiT program helps candidates secure student teaching positions at all grade levels with public schools in the Puget Sound.

Year Two: Practice and Preparation

Student teaching

In your second year you’ll take on two student teaching assignments. Each assignment will be at a different grade level in a different school, both matching your endorsement areas. One assignment will be in a diverse setting, which will include ethnically and socioeconomically diverse students.

Generally fall placements will be with the same
school and teacher as your first year practicum.

Most student teaching takes place in a 40-mile radius the Olympia campus: Thurston County, Mason County, Pierce County, or Lewis County. The 2017-2019 Tacoma cohort may include placements in
south King County.

One of your faculty from year one will become your student teaching supervisor. You’ll meet with them to discuss issues that arise and to improve your skills. They’ll observe your teaching so they can provide effective feedback.

  • Fall student teaching lasts from mid-August until just before Thanksgiving.
  • Spring student teaching lasts from mid-March until the end of the school year.

Learn more about how student teaching works.

Master project and professional growth plan

In between, you’ll spend Winter quarter creating a Master Project and a Professional Growth Plan.

  • Your Master Project is a research and writing project. Candidates present their projects at an event open to the public and attended by Evergreen’s Professional Educator Advisory Board.
  • Your Professional Growth Plan is a Washington state requirement for your teaching career. It includes specific areas that you want to improve in your teaching.

Your faculty will give you a narrative evaluation every quarter during year two.

MiT faculty Sara Sunshine Campbell teaches Math for Elementary Teachers

MiT faculty Sara Sunshine Campbell teaches Math for Elementary Teachers.


Over the course of year two, you’ll work with our office to complete all the necessary paperwork in order to become certified as a teacher in Washington state.

At the same time, you’ll be working on your Teacher Performance Assessment (Ed-TPA) for submission during Fall of year two. This portfolio includes video and essays to show your skills in planning, instruction, and assessment. The Ed-TPA is scored by outside evaluators as required by state law for certification.

You may begin to apply for teaching jobs as soon as February of year two. Hiring offers are usually contingent upon graduation and certification.