Master in Teaching

Placement File Information

General Information

The Placement File is a portfolio of professional training and education. Many School Districts require that the official Placement File be sent from the prospective employee’s college at the time of application for a position.

Placement Files consist of a resume, a candidate’s page, an academic preparation page, and professional letters of recommendation. The initial fee for a Placement File is $50.00 which includes the fee for the first five files sent. The fee for each additional request (after the first five) is $8.00.

Placement files are sent to prospective employers for teaching positions and other career opportunities in the education field. The paper Placement File will remain permanently in the Field Placement Office at The Evergreen State College. It is highly recommended over the years that the placement file be updated with current credentials, letters of recommendation, and a resume.

You are encouraged to scan and save all materials in your placement file. Some districts are requesting applicants to upload electronic copies of letters of recommendation, etc.

Creating Your Placement File

Letters of Recommendation:

References are important determinants in your being considered for a position and should be obtained only from persons who know you well enough to evaluate your teaching potential or performance. Character references, such as those from ministers, friends, etc., are not used. Three references are suggested, with a maximum of ten letters for your placement file. Your initial 3 letters of reference should be from the following professionals: Student Teaching College Supervisor, Student Teaching Cooperating Mentor Teacher and a letter from the Building Principal where you student taught. It is suggested that you obtain letters of recommendation from both your fall and spring Student Teaching Cooperating Mentor Teachers.

Recommendation Forms are available in the Master in Teaching Placement Office or you may download the forms at You are responsible for giving these forms to the people who will write letters of reference for you. The letter can be written on separate paper, but the Recommendation Form must be signed and dated by both parties and should be marked confidential as well.

Your Resume:

A resume should be a well-written, concise, informative summary of your professional experience, training and community service related to the education field. One page is sufficient, although 2-3 pages are acceptable if you have significant experience, which would not fit on one page

A resume is built on facts: facts about you, your education, your background, and your experiences. A good resume presents the facts in a logical and meaningful sequence, telling potential employers who you are and what you have done, capturing their interest and leading them to the desired conclusion. Forcing the reader to solve a puzzle or unravel a mystery story deprives you of the opportunity to make a good first impression. You rarely have the luxury of a second chance.

Be careful not to overlook any unusual educational experiences. Special programs, summer institutes, foreign study tours or a semester abroad can capture an employer’s attention and make your resume stand out from the others in the pile. Listed below are required pieces (*) and suggested information for a resume.

1. * Your name, address, telephone and email address

2. Employment Objectives – the type and level of positions you are pursuing

3. *Certification and Endorsements

Certification: Residency Teacher Certificate.
Endorsement – list each endorsement with grade levels and Highly Qualified

4. * Education – Most recent education first with colleges you’ve attended, locations, diplomas, degrees earned, major area of emphasis and majors and minors if applicable and Master’s Projects.

5. * If your major is unusual, or if you feel an employer might not understand what the major encompasses, include a brief description of the program.

6. * Employment – Most recent experience should be listed first. In the case of teaching experience include information related to kinds of courses and units developed and taught, the age level of students, the type of school and so forth. Student Teaching, internships and teaching assistantships should be included and so identified.

7. School Administrators are concerned about large amount of time not accounted for on a resume. Include non-teaching employment history in a resume if this is the case.

8. Personal Information – Travel experience, hobbies and recreation activities, particularly if related to the type of position you are applying for. Special skills, significant honors, scholarships, awards and community service (especially with a leadership role) are significant items in a resume.

9. Professional Activities – Indicate memberships, speeches, publications, etc., related to your professional preparation as well as relevant conferences and trainings.

10. References – List those people who may be contacted by your potential employer, and who can speak to your professional preparation or work experience. Simply stating, “References furnished upon request” is acceptable. Be prepared to have both professional and personal/character references.

Academic Preparation

Sample academic preparation page (Word | PDF)

The academic preparation page is designed to present an overview of your formal education to school district administrators. It highlights your endorsement areas, and other relevant coursework. The Evergreen State College (TESC) Field Placement Office cannot make copies or send out transcripts from TESC or other colleges or universities that you have attended. The information on your academic preparation page will provide an academic history to prospective employers.

When you need to request an official TESC Transcripts for an employer, log into you’re and order and pay. If your need to reactivate you’re, please contact Registration and Records by emailing: or calling 360-867-6180. Academic Preparation Page Guidelines:

1. List courses by title not by course number, list quarter or semester credit hours for each course and list school.

2. List courses that you will take or are currently enrolled in and asterick that the course is still in progress. Once course is completed, you can update your academic preparation page.

3. Organize coursework by MIT Coursework and by Endorsements.

Candidate’s Page

Sample candidate's page (Word | PDF)

The primary purpose of the Candidate’s Page is to elaborate on your resume and to present your unique educational philosophies, qualifications and professional skills. Candidate’s Page Guidelines:

1. One page in length (maximum)

2. Introduce yourself.

3. Discuss your accomplishments and experiences relevant to the education profession.

4. Discuss educational theories, current teaching practices, and classroom management techniques, which reflect your personal teaching style.

5. Include positive statements on your desire to challenge; inspire; establish individual goals; to become life long learners; expand students thinking globally.

6. Discuss your goals as a professional educator. How do you want to impact your students? What, in the field of education, are you passionate about?

7. Brief statement that you, as a professional, desire to continue to grow in the profession.

8. Conclude with a statement of appreciation.

Sending Placement Files to Prospective Employers

1. Placement Files will be sent from The Evergreen State College Education Field Placement Office directly to employing officials at the request of the candidate.

2. Requests to the Placement Office may be made by phone: 360-867-6573, by fax: 360-867-6575, or by email:

3. Requests made for jobs in Washington State require only the name of the School District.
All of out state requests require a complete mailing address.

4. It is recommended that all new placement files have a minimum of three letters of recommendation and should include a letter from your student teaching cooperating/mentor teacher, your student teaching college supervisor and a letter from the building principal.

5. The Initial Placement File Fee is $50.00. and is assessed in your Winter year 2 Student Fees. This includes payment for the first five files to be sent. The fee for each additional request is $8.00 and will be billed to your student account.

6. Placement files will be processed and mailed within five working days of your request. Every attempt will be made for placement files to be sent within 24 hours. You will be sent an email advising you when your file was sent. If you need to pick up your file, please state when needed and when you will stop by. If you need the file faxed, please state to whom and the fax number.