Master in Teaching

Endorsement Worksheet Tips

  1. Use the Endorsement Worksheet to evaluate your endorsement preparation coursework and determine future coursework needed to meet the minimum expectations.
  2. Download the appropriate endorsement worksheets. If you cannot download materials, please contact the MiT Advising Office at 360.867.6559 for the appropriate worksheet to be mailed to you. These worksheets are in Word format. You are encouraged to complete the worksheet online and print it for submission.
  3. Please make sure the worksheets are completely filled in and legible. Convert semester credits to quarter credits. In general, 1 semester hour equals 1.5 quarter credits. Please list all courses that apply to each category of credits.
  4. Submit completed worksheets to the Office of Admissions with your application.
  5. Sample worksheet with an an English Language Arts example and an Elementary Education example.
  6. For Evergreen coursework, please indicate the program title and the appropriate credit equivalencies.
  7. A course used to fulfill a general education prerequisite on the Master in Teaching application may also be used to fulfill an endorsement expectation.
  8. It is possible that a course may count toward more than one endorsement expectation. For example, a calculus course could be used to fulfill endorsement expectations for both science and math.
  9. It is possible that a course may count toward more than one subject area under a single endorsement, depending on the depth and breadth of the coursework and the total number of credits earned. If this is the case, you must divide the credits of the course among the subject areas. For example, an 8-credit course titled Geography of American Government might meet the following social studies endorsement expectations: 4 credits of geography and 4 credits of civics.
  10. When course titles do not readily indicate course content, an applicant may be asked to supply copies of syllabi, course descriptions, reading lists and/or letters of verification from appropriate faculty to assist the Admissions Committee with transcript evaluation.