Motor Pool

Available Vehicles and Rates

The Motor Pool currently has the following vehicles available for rent:

  • Two 11-passenger vans

  • Seven 12-passenger vans

  • Two 8-passenger vans (Same size as 12-passenger with less seats)

  • One 2- passenger cargo van

The following rates (including fuel) apply:

  • 2015-16: $82/day, the first 250 miles per trip are free and then all other miles are charged at $0.25/mile. The day rate applies for every day the vehicle is out, even if it is parked.

  • Vehicles are charged on a calendar day, not a 24-hour day. Vehicles must be returned before 6 a.m. the following day.

  • A fuel surcharge is added to the daily rental charge based on the average cost of fuel during the month that the rental takes place. This can vary with the current rising prices of fuel.

  • You are not allowed to put luggage racks, soft surfboard racks/carriers, bike carriers or any type of carrier or tie down luggage on the vehicles.

  • Towing anything behind the vans is not permitted.
  • Eligible drivers may also arrange through our Motor Pool office here at Evergreen for vehicles from the Washington State Motor Pool or from the State contracted rental company.

  • Any infraction (i.e. speeding ticket, parking ticket) is the responsibility of the driver. Any bridge tolls, entrance fees, reservation permits, park permits and other types of additional expenses are the responsibility of the trip organizer/faculty and will be billed to the program budget.