Motor Pool

Vehicle Checkout and Return

Vehicle Checkout

College vehicles are parked adjacent to the Motor Pool garage in the Maintenance Yard off Driftwood Road. When it is time to pick up your vehicle the Motor Pool does not need a travel authority form for the trip. Program Secretaries normally take care of preparing the TA for academic field trips.

The Motor Pool Coordinator will prepare a trip ticket for the vehicle and give you the keys, a Voyager credit card that can be used for fuel and repairs, a Maintenance Yard gate key so you can pickup or return the vehicle after hours and a copy of the trip ticket.

Inspect the vehicle for any damage and check the beginning odometer reading. If there is damage, notify the Motor Pool Coordinator or note it on the trip ticket.

If you need to leave when the office is not open, you must make arrangements to pick up the keys the day(s) before.

If the vehicle is not available or will not start and the Motor Pool office is closed, contact Police Services by dialing "0" on the telephone across from the gas pumps on the side of the Motor Pool garage. Police Services will contact a Motor Pool staff member who can help you.

The Motor Pool office is closed on the weekends and college holidays.

Drivers may leave their personal vehicles in the Facilities yard during their trip. Vehicles should be parked behind the Motor Pool garage in the area marked "Motor Pool Patron Parking". You will need a parking permit in order to park your vehicle in the Facilities yard. If you do not have a parking permit, please purchase one at the Parking Booth or at Parking Services in Sem 1 before you park your vehicle.

Vehicle Return

  • Park the vehicle in the vehicle return area next to the gas pumps.
  • Enter the return date and ending odometer reading on the Trip Ticket.
  • Note any problems with the vehicle on the Trip Ticket under the 'Remarks' area.
  • Make sure all garbage, debris and personal belongings have been removed.
  • Turn off the lights, close and lock all windows and doors. Check that the dome lights go off.
  • Place the keys, gasoline credit card, gas receipts and your copy of the Trip Ticket in the zipper pouch and place the pouch the drop box on the door of the Shop's building.
  • If you are returning a vehicle after hours, make sure the Maintenance Yard gate is locked upon leaving.

Evergreen vehicles do not need to be refueled before returning. State Motor Pool and private rental agency vehicles do need to be refueled before returning them to the appropriate location.