Motor Pool

Driver Requirements

Eligible drivers include:

  • Evergreen staff, faculty and students

All drivers of motor pool vehicles must possess a valid U.S. driver's license, be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 2 years of licensed driving experience (not including learners permit).

Drivers must have a driving record that does not include any of the following offenses within the last three years:

  1. Suspension/revocation of license for multiple moving violations (2 moving violating/infractions in 12 months or 3 in 24 months), reckless driving, leaving an accident scene, failure to appear, DUI, or other vehicle related felony.
  2. Drivers are required to report to their manager/supervisor or the Motor Pool anytime they no longer meet the driving record requirement. Drivers of Motor Pool vehicles must have an Evergreen Use Permit and must recertify every two years. Drivers of the fleet rental vehicles must be listed on the travel authority for the trip.
  3. Drivers of Large passenger vans must also
    • Take the Large passenger van driver improvement course and pass the exam.
    • Sign the Department of Licensing Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement. Motor Pool will request a driver's history report to ensure they are quailified to  drive for the College.
    All drivers of Evergreen Motor Pool vehicles, vans, cars, trucks and other Motor Pool equipment must also view the Motor Pool policies and procedures slide show and take the exams that follow.

Note: The College reserves the right to revoke a motor pool permit  if an accident occurs with one of the College vehicles and the driver is at fault.