Motor Pool

Vehicle Use Permit

Evergreen Use Permits are valid for two years from the issue date.

In order to obtain a permit:

  1. Students will need written approval from their faculty/supervisor/advisor. The approval(s) must be submitted to the Motor Pool office in advance.
  2. All applicants/drivers must meet Evergreen's driver requirements.
  3. All applicants/drivers will have to view both online PowerPoint slideshow presentations (see below), successfully complete both quizzes, print them out and bring them to the Motor Pool office.
  4. At the Motor Pool office, all potential drivers must show a current driver's license (any state) and
  5. Sign the Valid License to Drive and Safe Driving Practices Acknowledgement Statement forms, as well as the permission form to obtain the driver's records.

EVERGREEN MOTOR POOL / STATE MOTOR POOL (rental vans/vehicles used for field trips, conferences,etc.) / PERMANENTLY ASSIGNED VEHICLES (vehicles used by various departments on campus, i.e. Grounds, Labs, Mail, Farm, Police Services, Shops)

1. Motor Pool Polices slideshow and quiz.
2. Large Van Driver Training slideshow and quiz. (note: slide show audio contains information not in slides)