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Master of Public Administration Graduation


Spring 2016 Graduation is Friday, June 10.

  • MPA Hooding Ceremony: 9:30 am – noon in the Longhouse
  • Campus-wide Commencement Ceremony: 1 pm – 4:15 pm on Red Square

MPA Hooding Ceremony: Space at the Spring 2016 MPA Hooding Ceremony will be limited. We expect to have 85-90 graduates, so each graduate may bring a maximum of 4 guests (not including themselves) to the Hooding Ceremony.

The MPA Hooding Ceremony includes short presentations by honored guests and selected students, ending with the hooding ceremony itself. Graduates are seated in alphabetical order with their cohort. Each graduate is called forward to be "hooded" -- to have their master's hood ceremonially placed over their head by the MPA faculty member of their choice, accompanied by family, loved ones, other faculty, staff, etc. After the Hooding Ceremony, light refreshments will be served.

Campus-wide Commencement Ceremony: Graduates may bring any number of guests to the Commencement Ceremony. Graduates who wish to participate in the Commencement Ceremony proceed to the "Graduation Line-Up" by 12:30 pm, and their guests proceed to guest seating in Red Square.

The Commencement Ceremony begins at 1 pm in Red Square. Graduates from all three programs (MPA, MES and MiT) and undergraduates will line up to form a procession and be seated. They are then called to receive their diploma.

In order to receive your diploma you are required to have a check-in card. Your name will be printed on the card, and you will hand the check-in card to a reader who will use the card to announce your name as you cross the stage. Check-in cards will be at the MPA Hooding Ceremony.

Parking is always a challenge on graduation day: be prepared by arriving before the crowds.

If you decide to attend the campus Commencement Ceremony, you may leave after your name is called—there are no requirements on attendance. 

Regalia (Cap, Hood, and Gown)

The MPA graduation regalia includes a cap, gown, hood, and tassel. Wearing graduation regalia is optional, for both the Hooding Ceremony and the Commencement ceremony. Historically, some MPA grads come in full regalia, some in partial regalia, some in nice clothes, and some in regular clothes. Order graduation regalia and other graduation items (invitations, diploma holders, etc.) through the Evergreen Bookstore.

MPA has some regalia (limited caps/gowns & several hoods) that graduates can borrow for the day. MPA also has several hoods that students can share to use while being hooded. If we have more requests than we can accommodate, we'll choose names at random in time for graduates to buy regalia if need be.

If you would like to borrow regalia, email Jan Hays, MPA Office Assistant, by Wednesday, May 25, at:

Graduation Requirements

To participate in the MPA Hooding Ceremony and/or the Commencement Ceremony in June, you must be on track to complete a minimum of 46 graduate credits -- including Capstone -- by the end of the Spring 2016 quarter. You do not have to complete all required 60 credits to walk in these ceremonies. However, you will not receive your diploma—and officially graduate—until you have completed all of your credit requirements. You can also opt to wait until you have completed all MPA coursework and requirements to participate in Hooding and/or Commencement.

To have your degree officially awarded you need to complete 60 credits and all MPA degree requirements by the end of the quarter you wish to graduate and apply to graduate by submitting the application and paying the $25 fee listed on the How to Graduate page.

To have your degree awarded in Spring or Summer 2016, apply to graduate by Friday, April 15.

Submitting your graduation application ensures that your name will be printed in the Hooding and Commencement Ceremony programs, and you start the process of confirming your credits and awarding your degree. On the form you must specify which quarter you expect to complete your 60 credits for the MPA degree.

If you're planning a Fall 2016 degree award and you wish to participate in the Spring 2016 Hooding Ceremony, email Jan Hays, MPA Office Assistant, by Thursday, April 28, at:

Your diploma will be mailed to you once all of your final evaluations have been filed and your credits posted. This process could take several weeks, so please expect your diploma only after you have actually completed all graduation requirements, and they have been processed.