Master of Public Administration

MPA Public Policy

Become a Professional Policy Analyst

This concentration emphasizes a combination of knowledge and skills, including the understanding of various models of public policy, how to analyze current and proposed policies, and how to engage in policy development and advocacy. Students will improve their analytical skills to prepare for or advance in positions as policy analysts, budget analysts, or evaluators.

Matt Lemon MPA 2013- Public Policy Concentration, Current Research Associate for Washington State Institute for Public Policy

"When I first enrolled, I thought I would stay in the public/non-profit administration concentration.  However, my experiences in core classes and electives during my first few quarters revealed that both my skill set and interests were actually more closely aligned with the public policy concentration.  This was solidified during an amazing internship with a public policy focus."  -Matt

To complete this concentration, students take two required courses

  • Foundations of Public Policy (4 credits). This course examines how public policy is created, implemented, evaluated and held accountable in the current social, economic and political environment.
  • Advanced Research Methods (4 credits). In this course students will explore advanced research design, analysis and statistical techniques both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective to think critically and actively about vital issues, practice policy applications, build a "tool box" and facilitate further research. The program teaches the "how to" but also teaches the limitations, practical political problems and ethical implications of different techniques and methodologies.

Students complete this concentration by taking 16 elective credits in particular public policy arenas (e.g., health, education, environment, etc.) and other aspects of public administration.

When I worked for the State of WA, my MPA got me promoted. That led to a stint in the private sector, then back to the public sector. The Evergreen State College gave me the opportunity for a great career, but more than that, has been instrumental in my intellectual curiosity, my diverse interests, and my dedication to learning for learning's sake.” -Alumni Survey 2012