Monday, March 30 is the first day of Spring Quarter 2015..

Online registration for admitted and current students begins on Monday, March 9. Check your account for your specific time ticket.

  • Eight credits or more per quarter is a full-time course load in the MPA program.
  • MPA students may register for a maximum of 12 credits per quarter without the MPA Director's approval.
  • Students in the Tribal Governance concentration register for 10 credits per quarter: the core program plus the four-credit concentration course.
  • MPA students may take a maximum of four 2-credit MPA elective courses toward their MPA.
  • MPA students may take up to 12 credits of individual study contract credit toward their MPA, of which 4 credits may specifically be internship contract credits.
MPA students participating in class

MPA students of the “Doing Democratic Public Administration” program take part in their evening lecture.

Tuition Payment

Tuition for courses for which you are registered is due by the Friday at the end of the first week of the quarter: Friday, April 3 at 4 pm.

Registered students who do not pay for courses by this deadline will be charged a late payment fee of $50. After 30 days of nonpayment, interest charges will be added at 1% per month.

Late Registration

Paper registration (PDF) is required for late registration.

Late registration is permitted April 6-10 with approval from your instructor. MPA staff will waive the $50 late registration by student request via email to Registration. 

Starting April 13, registration requires submission of a Registration Form with instructor approval, a petition to the Registrar, and a $100 late fee.

Non-Admitted Graduate Students & Undergraduate Students

Students who have not been admitted to the MPA program may register for open MPA electives or be added to the wait list for full MPA electives beginning March 23, 2015, with instructor permission.

  1. To determine which courses are open, contact Jan Hays, MPA Program Assistant, beginning March 23 at or (360) 867-5939.
  2. At that time, for every course that has space available and is of interest to you, email a paragraph to the course instructor (and cc: Jan at asking them to give you permission to register if there is availability and describing the reasons why you are interested in that specific course and any pertinent information about your education or experience.
  3. If the instructor gives permission, send that information to Jan. She will check availability and contact the Registration office so you can register.
  4. If space is available:
    1. Current Evergreen Juniors and Seniors: print, complete and submit the Registration Form (PDF) to the Evergreen Registration Office. (Address fax registration "Attn: Elaine".)
    2. Non-Admitted Graduate Students (community members who have a bachelor's degree): print, complete and submit the Special Student Registration Form (PDF) to the Evergreen Registration Office. (Address fax registration "Attn: Elaine".) After receiving the permission information and registration form, Registration will email you to let you know whether you may register.
  5. If you are placed on the waitlist and if space becomes available through March 27, you will be moved into the course and will be able to register. Should space become available between March 30 and April 10, the MPA program will notify people who were on the old waitlist.