Profile: Dominic Crisostomo

MPA 2013 Pre-College Coordinator, UW-Tacoma: Student Transition Programs

Dominic (DJ) served as the voice of his 2013 MPA cohort. His volunteer work with underprivileged youth has given rise to a nonprofit initiative, cultivating community through urban arts education, FAB-5, still in existence in Tacoma.

DJ’s ability to listen carefully to those around him and offer balanced insight has helped to craft his leadership style. “The Evergreen MPA program helped me develop ways to observe, implement, and assess all that I do both professionally and personally. The cohort (faculty and students included) I was a part of, formed a sense of community that was extremely vital to my success as a scholar and individual. In relation to my current job, it is critical that I perform and evaluate my performance daily. Most importantly, when doing the work I do for local youth, it makes it all the more worthwhile when I have a strong sense of community to back me up. In a collegiate setting, I learned how to appreciate and reciprocate that support as the Evergreen MPA program was inundated with it”.