Profile: Alicia LeDuc

MPA 2011 Entering Law School at Willamette

Alicia LeDuc Image

Alicia embodies the spirit of both Evergreen and the MPA program.

Alicia is inquisitive, focused on social justice and motivated to do everything she can to grow and learn in a vast capacity.  From volunteering in Tanzania (see photo above), working with Washington State, to entering law school, Alicia is being the change! Alicia’s career interest have generally focused on international economic and social development where she has been active in a number of realms, including HIV/AIDS activism, Social Responsible Investing and microfinance/access to capital issues, homelessness issues, community development, environmentalism/conservation, clean energy, education, religious freedom, criminal justice/prison issues, and more recently medical cannabis patient rights and rural economic development.

Alicia came to Evergreen for a few reasons.  She knew she wanted to work in a capacity that influenced the way the world works, making the dual Public and Nonprofit Administration concentration attractive.  Evergreen’s lack of a GRE requirement, coupled with the philosophy regarding grades and evaluations, was also attractive to Alicia. The lack of a GRE requirement allows applicants to apply at Evergreen to start in the coming year, rather than having to wait an additional admissions cycle after taking the GRE and gives students a leg up on starting their careers. “My greatest takeaway from the MPA program has been the training and skill building I received regarding conducting and analyzing social research. I applied those skills firsthand in my capstone work in Tanzania, and have been able to carry the knowledge with me in my current work as a research analyst with the Department of Commerce and volunteer work I do in the community. Understanding how to develop research; acquire, analyze and vet data; and harness that analysis and information to achieve goals or understand situations has been invaluable, on multiple occasions setting me apart from my peers in the field in a lucrative way. MPA connections have been directly responsible for my last 3 internship/employment positions and in part my admission to law school on a full-ride scholarship, not to mention a tremendous resource as a professional sounding board and volunteer pool to call on for community engagement”.