Profile: Susan Lucas

MPA 2013 Chief Operating Officer

Susan Lucas Image

Susan entered the MPA program at Evergreen with a vast bank of professional knowledge.

Since graduating, she has gone on to publish a paper on public administration and she took a position with the Washington State Health Care Authority, as the Chief Operating Officer.

Susan chose the program because, “Graduates and reviewers of the program gave it very high ratings.  A review of the classes offered and subjects taught indicated it would be very applicable to my work as a public administrator. The program is very convenient, with the evening/weekend schedule.  Teachers and advisors are flexible in how work is done, making the program possible for a busy manager.  The program’s cost is reasonable when compared to other similar programs available, giving it a very high value – the contacts I made are helping me in my job daily and the lessons learned are very applicable to my career”. Susan also valued how the program helped her to hone in on her professional interest and skills, “When I started the program I thought I was most interested in public policy development.  As I went through the classes I realized my skills and interest lies in public administration.  My skills and abilities relate to implementing public policy, managing employee groups and helping organizations adapt to organizational change and meet challenges. It is a great experience you will always treasure”.