Profile: Daniel O'Neill

MPA 2010, Policy Coordinator for the Department of Health

Daniel O'Neill Image

Danny has worked in state and federal government since 2008, currently serving as a policy coordinator for the Department of Health.

Danny's dedication to public service was largely inspired by earning his MPA from Evergreen, which imparts a deontological ethic towards serving others.

The most valuable resource I got from the MPA program was project management. The MPA specifically taught me important management techniques for project planning and mapping, working with difficult stakeholders, and negotiating appropriate terms for group projects. It also taught me to be a bit more open-minded, not always assume I had the right answer right away, and to spend more time listening than talking.This has advanced me personally and professionally more than I ever imagined, especially working in the development with the Peace Corps and later as a public health policy consultant. Challenge yourself to understand the opinions of and empathize with others. To anyone looking into the program, come check out some classes, visit with the students, and see how you can prepare for the work-life-school balance of being a graduate student and practicing public administrator. The MPA is a respected program and will open many doors to you personally and professionally. Studying public administration in a state capital is an invaluable resource.”