First Peoples Advising

First Peoples Events

Week 4 Events:

Monday through Friday 8am-5pm
Weekday Lounge

The Unity Lounge (Library 2147) is open for study, relaxation, or meeting up over a cup of tea. Computers are available for your use, and we have peer staff on hand if you have questions or just need to connect. Stop by and see us! 

Monday, April 21

Be the Change: Using Compassionate Listening & Interactive learning to build Global Citizens
3-5pm, Sem 2 A1107

The Compassionate Listening practice offers listening as a healing process and develops a capacity to feel compassion for the ‘other’, to see ourselves in the ‘other’, and to see the ‘other’ in ourselves. Using community problem-solving, participants (called spect-actors) rehearse situations in order to build communication skills and explore alternative behaviors within situations of institutional oppression.

Tuesday, April 22

Reading Clinic: Improve Your Reading
3-5 pm, SEM 2 E1105

Do you want to become a better reader? Do you open books and have trouble reading them? Do you find yourself losing focus? You know how to read...but are you reading effectively? Bring a text you find difficult to read -- presented by Nancy Koppelman, member of the faculty. Contact Nancy with questions at

Wednesday, April 23

Wake Up
3pm, Longhouse

An interactive workshop on creating a sustainable just thriving world for all.

Thursday, April 24

"Area of Emphasis" Workshop

Need help figuring out what your area of emphasis is? Come to this workshop to determine what your area of interest is and how to develop your emphasis.