First Peoples Advising

First Peoples Primetime Workshops

Thursday Nights from 6-8 pm
In the Unity Lounge, Library Building, Room 2147 (unless otherwise noted*)

Thursday nights during the quarter, we are open from 6:00pm until 8:00pm for our Primetime Workshops. On these nights we have a wide array of fantastic open workshops headed up by staff and students. During Spring Quarter, we have:

Week 1

Thursday, April 3: Quinceañer@ 101

A workshop discussing and planning the event that MEXA does every year that will occur this Spring. Come and learn some background info for the event meant to challenge the homophobia and transphobia in Latin@ communities, we would like to invite people from various cultures and backgrounds to join us in this conversation. We will introduce what the traditional Quinceañera tradition is, watch videos and provide visuals of the celebration, and share how it has transitioned into what is now MEXA’s Quinceañer@. 

Week 2

Thursday, April 10: Study Night

Stop by for a cup of tea and enjoy the inviting space of The Unity Lounge for study.

Week 3

Thursday, April 17: "Cracking the Codes" Film & Discussion
*6-8:30pm in SEM 2, B1105

With FORRJ (For Racial Justice) and guest facilitators: Join us for a film and community conversation that explores the system of racial inequality and why it matters. The film includes moving personal accounts from 23 leaders who illuminate the issues around racial disparities, and how important it is to deepen the dialogue around race in America.  

Week 4

Thursday, April 24 UPDATE: Cedar Dug Out Canoe Demonstration with Makah artist Micah McCarty
*6pm, Longhouse

First Peoples Primetime will be taking place at the Longhouse this Thursday, April 24th.  We will watch public presentation on carving a cedar dug-out canoe by Makah artist Micah McCarty.  Following the presentation, participants will have a chance to see the canoe that Micah has been carving in the Longhouse's carving studio.

Week 5

Thursday, May 1: (No Workshop)

We are canceling our Thursday workshop this week due to Day of Absence and Day of Presence activities. Please join us there! 

Week 6

Thursday, May 8: Self-Care Workshop

In this workshop, we will discuss the impacts of stress and learn new self-care and stress management strategies to use as an antidote to stress.  We will identify our personal stress triggers and identify the ways stress manifests in us individually.  We will share the unique ways we each have of managing stress and taking care of ourselves, working from our strengths.  The facilitators will assist participants with creating a self-care map to use as a reminder of helpful activities and support during times when self-care is needed most.   

Week 7

Thursday, May 15: Racial Identity Workshop with First Peoples Advising Staff
*Location TBA

Come and learn what happens to us as humans as we learn about Race and identity from multiple perspectives. What stages do we go through? Does it get easier?  Is there some point where we totally “get it”? or are we in a continuous learning mode?

Week 8

Wednesday, May 21: Primetime Study Night 5-8pm
Thursday, May 22: Primetime Study Night 5-8pm

Week 9

Thursday, May 29: Last Study Night of the Quarter