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  • Evergreen Grad to Begin Work of Astronomical Importance

    Nate Gilman ’10, MES ’13,serves as operations officer on the NOAA ship Pisces, which monitors reef populations along the East Coast. Gilman works as an interpreter and liaison between the ship’s science party and its blue-collar crew.

    In 2017, Gilman will begin a three-year assignment with the National Search and Rescue Satellite Center, where he will be tasked with “detecting and locating mariners, aviators, and recreational enthusiasts in distress almost anywhere in the world at anytime and in almost any condition.”

  • Updated Lecture Hall Building Reflects Evergreen-Style Learning

    Whether you think of it as the bunker, the spaceship, the pie, the pizza slices, or just the Lecture Halls, the distinctive concrete structure has been a campus landmark since 1971. When it opened it was a fairly traditional space—with large, steep, auditorium-style classrooms—located at what would soon become known as one of the most innovative colleges in the country. Thanks to a recently completed remodel and renovation, the building is now much more tailored to Evergreen’s style of reaching and learning, and the needs of 21st-century students.

  • Upwardly Mobile

    Why would a combo of Evergreen students and Olympia community groups convert a garage at a mobile home park into a classroom and outfit it with computers and a movie screen? It’s all part of an ambitious plan to enable residents of the Hillside community in Centralia, Wash. to improve their economic outlook through literacy, access to computer technology, and affordable home ownership.

  • Coming-Out Party

    Seth Kirby

    Seth Kirby ’01, MPA ’07, executive director of Oasis Youth Center.

    When he started at Evergreen more than a decade ago, Seth  Kirby longed for a place like the college’s new Trans & Queer Center.

  • Theory into Practice

    Not so long ago, the mud on Kristen Andrews’ clothes might have been flour instead.

    Andrews ’08 was working as a pastry chef when she realized it was time for a change. Tired of being cooped up in a kitchen and starting work well before dawn, Andrews decided to pursue a career in biology.