Greener Commute / Commute Trip Reduction

Evergreen commuter contest on now

Published: February 05, 2005

Event Dates: February 14, 2005 to February 20, 2005

The Evergreen Commuter Contest is a quarterly incentive program to encourage - and reward - commuters who use alternative modes of transportation. For the program to receive full grant funds, at least 250 faculty, staff, or students must participate for three academic quarters. Grant funds include $21,100 by the Thurston Regional Planning Council, and $9,000 from the Washington State Department of Transportation. Evergreen students wrote the grants.

The program is designed to expand The Evergreen State College's ongoing commitment to sustainability in the transportation choices that the student body, staff, and faculty make in coming to campus every day. As a part of the program, ventilated clothing lockers are installed at locations around campus, additional bike racks have been installed, and a commuter information kiosk will be installed during winter quarter.

The commuter contest highlights Evergreen's commitment to sustainability, and organizers say that an increase in students, staff, and faculty using alternative forms of transportation, it benefits the college and the environment. The Evergreen commute trip reduction team says that when more Evergreen community members use alternative forms of travel, it will circumvent further costly parking lot expansions, particularly as Evergreen's student body is planned to grow to 5,000 over the next ten years.

Winter quarter’s contest started Monday, Feb. 14 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 20. Participants who complete a travel log and submit it online or in person will receive a one-dollar off beverage coupon from campus food service.


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