Organic Farm

Meet Our Staff

Sophie Sophie: Farm Manager

Sophie loves the constant change of the farm from one day to the next; how it's possible to walk the farm each day and still see something different, something that was missed the day before. There is such reward in working hard and growing beautiful food.

Astrological signs
Western: Aries
Chinese: Tiger
Fun Fact: She can open a beer bottle with a running chainsaw. 

Paul Paul: Faculty

Paul decided to come teach at the farm partly because farming is in his family and partly because he saw ways that he could contribute here while he was acting Dean of the college. He's inspired by a love of growing, eating and cooking food. Additionally he's drawn to this place because we are a self-contained operation, carbon neutral.

Dave M Dave: Faculty

"I came to the organic farm in 2007 to fill a vacancy there. I was working for WSU extension as a Statewide Small farms agent stationed out of Puyallup. I taught PSA for for ’07 and ’08. I left to be the education director and farm manager for 21 Acres farm in Woodinville, WA, but returned in ’11 as the new hire for the PSA program.

What inspires me most about this farm is how much learning happens here spontaneously. Students go through their daily routine on the farm and each they learn more and more and you can watch their confidence and skill level increase. It’s wonderful to watch."

Beth: Farm Assistant Manager

Beth likes the beautiful setting, diverse mix of annual and perennial crops that are healthy and vibrant, bees and sheep and other livestock, a place for both the students and the public to enjoy and learn.

Astrological signs
Western: Capricorn
Chinese: Pig

In addition to being involved with organic agriculture, Beth is an improvisational actor and a member of The Heartsparkle Players; she conducts an aca pella choir at Temple Beth Hatfiloh, and has a small gardening business

Mary K Mary K: Marketing

Since starting at the farm in the summer of 2014 she's been conducting an experiment in eating as much local fresh food as possible, and can't wait until the farm is producing again! Her favorite thing about the farm is the delicata squash she's been saving since last season.  

Astrological signs
Western: Virgo
Chinese: Monkey

Fun facts: Her go-to karaoke song is the Bohemian Rhapsody.

TimTim: Farm Aid

Tim uses telekenesis to prune the orchard trees. 

Fun fact: Tim's favorite means of working out between shifts is to haul the duck coop from one end of the farm to the other, on the diagonal, flat tires or no.

Gabriella Gabriella: Farm Aid

“I enjoy the hard work that goes into the farm, at the end of the day I feel fulfilled.”
Astrological signs
Western: Gemini
Chinese: Cock
Fun Facts: Once Im done at Evergreen I want to join the circus. I also have 2 different thumbs.

Butch Butch: Pest Management Solutions

Butch has been with the farm since 2011. According to local legend Butch arrived in the dark of night, like a shadow with golden eyes--seen between the hours of 10pm and 7am most often--wrapped in a basket, with a warning note about his sheer skill as a hunter. Butch is most inspired by territory preservation, be it the farm perimeter, a basket he's intrigued with, chairs not yet graced with his fuzz, though he favors available laps. 

Astrological signs

Western: Pisces
Chinese: Rabbit

Fun fact: Butch uses the extra digits on each paw to break in fresh Carharts, come by the farm any time to have your overalls broken in, but move fast, his schedule is filling up fast.