Organic Farm

Meet Our Staff


Melissa: Farm Manager

Arrived in her position a former graduate with an understanding of balancing accounts, farming and the Evergreen experience. She was handed the keys in January of 2004 and has been managing this operation and many of the learning experiences ever since.

What inspires her most are the changes year to year and the way the food grows. "Truly it's the vision and potential paths people take."


Paul: Faculty

Decided to come teach at the farm partly because farming is in his family and partly because he saw ways that he could contribute here while he was acting Dean of the college. He's inspired by a love of growing, eating and cooking food. Additionally he's drawn to this place because we are a self-contained operation, carbon neutral.

Dave M

Dave: Faculty

"I came to the organic farm in 2007 to fill a vacancy there. I was working for WSU extension as a Statewide Small farms agent stationed out of Puyallup. I taught PSA for for ’07 and ’08. I left to be the education director and farm manager for 21 Acres farm in Woodinville, WA, but returned in ’11 as the new hire for the PSA program.

What inspires me most about this farm is how much learning happens here spontaneously. Students go through their daily routine on the farm and each they learn more and more and you can watch their confidence and skill level increase. It’s wonderful to watch."


Perry: Farm Assistant Manager

Originally from Maine, a farmer of many years, drawn to our program that's been around more than 20 years. She was specifically interested in sustainable agriculture and the comprehensive nature of what is taught here.

"This is a great model for supplying food to local communities."


Amanda: Farm Aid 

Amanda landed at the farm a scientist fresh from the end of year cleaning at Lab 1, by way of Rachel our former Administrative Assistant and Art Director. She's a scientist, intrigued by patterns--solving them and finding more. Here she has observed that there more to the farm experience than putting a sunflower seed in the ground, giving it water, tending to the soil and several months later looking up to face the radiant flower. "There's a lot more going on here..."

Added bonus, she gets to eat a lot of delicious and healthy organic food.

Mary K

Mary K: Marketing Monkey

"My stomach got me into this."

Leaving a nine year background mainly working for a corporation, she had been attempting to live on organic food for the past year and needed a steady supply as a self-employed student. In search of a plot, she found Melissa our farm manager at the perfect time, and became the farm Marketing Monkey (self titled).

The variety of opportunities for community enrichment inspire her, observing that several graduates of the college who have spent time on the farm wind up in interesting and unpredictable places.


Shani: Farm Aid

Shani took a tour in 2012 and has liked the place ever since. She diligently follows farming hours, waking at the "...crack of dawn to be down here." The abundant food and labor allow her to enjoy all kinds of good cooking. " this is me playing my part to save the world."


Butch: Pest Management Solutions

Butch has been with the farm since 2011. According to local legend Butch arrived in the dark of night, like a shadow with golden eyes--seen between the hours of 10pm and 7am most often--wrapped in a basket, with a warning note about his sheer skill as a hunter. Butch is most inspired by territory preservation, be it the farm perimeter, a basket he's intrigued with, chairs not yet graced with his fuzz, though he favors available laps. 

Dave S

Dave S.: Farm Aid

Dave wound up at the farm for the same reason many of us do, he needed a job. With over 10 years background in Outdoor Specialty retail he found himself here after the place he worked went out of business. As a returning student enrolled in the Masters in Teaching program he's headed to teach middle school science. He feels that the farm may provide him with some solid time working outside to balance his time buried in study. "I also think that the wonderful things I am learning at the farm can dovetail quite well with my studies."

Dave is inspired by the way that "passion motivates people to all kinds of actions." He's moved by all of the wonderful food produced here, and the holistic way that it can benefit people, beyond the nourishment of the body but the honing of the mind and the enrichment of the spirit through food and communities that it can develop.


Aly: Farm Aid

Inspired by the direct connection the farm inspires between students around campus, as they eat food made available at The Flaming Eggplant and purchase food from the Market we host Tuesdays and Thursdays. She appreciates the opportunity offered here to students who just want to learn how to grow their own food, who may not have had another opportunity to learn how to farm before and may not intend to continue on with an agriculture career.


Dan: Farm Aid

Organic food brought him here--specifically the adaptive nature of sustainable agriculture. Instead of traditional methods he likes the natural approach with insects and using mobile livestock arrangements to keep the ground fertile. This means of tending the farm and keeping it cultivated to product the bounty that it does is part of what he finds inspiring.