Parents & Family of Evergreen Students

Learn more about Evergreen and support your student in their college experience.

Get the Information You Need

Sign up for the Parent and Family Newsletter to get community news and information.

If your student is living on campus, they can sign you up for notifications from the housing reservation application. (Not sure if you’re included? Ask your student.)

A parent helps her student move into on-campus housing.

Review Important Deadlines

If your student is getting ready to get started at Evergreen check out the New Students site for all the important milestones and deadlines.

Student Educational Privacy

College students’ educational information is protected by federal law (FERPA). We may not release educational records, health information, housing information, etc. without the student’s permission, even for students under age 18.

If your student would like to share that information, they will need to complete a release form. Find out more about confidentiality of records (FERPA).

Faculty Riley Rex leads a workshop for the program Introduction to Natural Sciences.

Academics & Academic Support

Evergreen is an excellent environment for academically-engaged students. Your student will have the opportunity to develop a custom learning pathway to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences, or Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree.

While students are not automatically assigned to an advisor, all students have access to engaged and knowledgeable professional advisors, career advising, and specialized services to meet their needs.

Life Outside of Class

Join us on campus!

Parents and family are invited to any open events on campus. In particular, we invite you to Return to Evergreen: three days for students, alumni, friends, and family.

Living on campus supports your student's success. Students who live in campus housing do better in class and make more friends. Students are not automatically assigned housing; your student will need to log in and pay a rent deposit to reserve a space.

Your student can participate in many different activities on campus. Student clubs cover a range of artistic, cultural, and social interests. The Costantino Recreation Center hosts athletics events, dance, and exercise opportunities. Students can work on the college radio station or newspaper.

We provide support opportunities for students from many backgrounds, including people of color, LGBTQ students, and veterans.

Affording an Evergreen Education

Tuition at Evergreen is the lowest in western Washington, and a tremendous savings over private liberal arts colleges in Washington or elsewhere. We also offer a number of different scholarships and a full range of grants and loans.

During the 2014–2015 academic year, 64% of Evergreen students received some form of financial aid. The average award was $12,714.

The parent council meets.

Parents Council

Connect with other parents, help enrich the Evergreen experience for students and families, and contribute your leadership in support of student success. Find out more about the Parents Council.