Parking Services

Resident Parking

Permit sales for new students begin during orientation week.
If you choose to bring your car to campus, you must purchase a valid permit to avoid accumulating citations, which may result in a boot.

For information on using your free student bus pass and getting around Olympia via bus and bike, check out the Greener Commuting program.

Residence Parking

Residents of Buildings A-U

For residences A-U, parking lot F is a short walk to the dorms, and is patrolled at night by campus CrimeWatch. To purchase a decal for this lot, visit the parking services office. Your decal for Lot F is also valid in the main campus lots, B and C. Your decal is not valid, however, in the MODS lot. If you have visitors, they may park in lot F by purchasing a day pass at the Pay-&-Display machine as you enter the lot. You can purchase up to 3 days worth of parking at the machine.

Residents of the MODS

Because parking is limited in the MODs, that lot is restricted to residences of the MODs only. Please be sure to indicate that you live in the MODs when you purchase a decal to avoid a citation. If you live in the MODs and are having visitors, you may choose to have them park in the metered space in the MODs lot for up to 4 Hours, or by parking in F-lot. The MODS lot is strictly enforced, and all vehicles must display a valid MOD decal at all times, except in the metered space.

Short Term Visitor Parking

If you're having visitors, they may park in either F-lot and purchase a day pass at the Pay-&-Display machine or choose to park at the meters in the housing loop (up to 1 Hr). These meters are enforced 24-7.