The Payroll & Benefits Office manages paychecks, medical benefits, and retirement.

All college employees — faculty, staff, and students — are paid twice monthly on the 10th and 25th of each month. See the full payroll schedule.

We administer benefits and retirement to all eligible employees, as well as providing benefits orientations for new/newly eligible employees. Find out more about the complete benefits package and retirement options.

Please contact us if you have payroll or benefits questions.


Payroll Announcements - Get ready for summer!

Don't lose your money!

Direct Deposit - Sign up to get your pay sent directly to your bank.

Mailing Address - Check it on so that your pay checks will be addressed correctly. 

To have your new address printed on a check you need to make the change in about a week prior to payday

Don't lose your documents!

Download or print your documents before you leave employment or graduate from Evergreen.  Your Tax Forms and Pay Stubs will only be available while your account is active.