Police Services


If you are interested in any of these programs or materials, call us at 867-6832 or stop by the department in the Seminar I Building.


CrimeWatch is a group of students who patrol the campus and act as an extra set of eyes and ears for campus police. They help protect vehicles from vandalism and thefts, dorm residences from burglars and thieves, provide safety escorts and assist the department with non-law enforcement duties. CrimeWatch students are employed by the Evergreen Campus Police as Public Safety Assistants. 

For more information, call 360-867-6832 or ext. 6832.

Dispatch/Emergency Communications

Evergreen's Emergency Communications Operators (ECO's) most important function is taking emergency phone calls. They're trained similarly to 911 telecommunicators and are the main communications link both to and from officers on patrol. ECO's also act as the campus operator.

The department's non-emergency (business) number is 867-6832.

Lost and Found

The campus lost and found is located at the police department in the Seminar I Building.  All Lost and Found property will be kept for 60 days according to State law and disposed of by auction, donation to non-profit, distruction or converted to Police Services according to State law.

To report a lost and find item go to: http://www.evergreen.edu/policeservices/lostandfound.htm .

Bike Licensing

Bike licensing is free to the campus community.  Bring your bicycle to the Police Department front counter during business hours and your license will be processed there.


Campus police officers perform patrol and emergency response functions on and around Evergreen's 1000 acre campus.

  • Bicycle
  • Segway
  • Vehicle
  • Foot 

For emergencies, dial 911or 360-867-6140.

Personal Safety Escorts

If students, staff or faculty are working or studying late and don’t have others to accompany them to their residence hall or car during the hours of darkness, they are incouraged to call for a personal safety escort.  CrimeWatch will accompany the requester on foot or by vehicle to their destination on or adjacent to campus.

If officers are available, they can provide community members with safety escorts after dark as well. Call Police Services non-emergency number 360-867-6832 or ext. 6832 to request an escort by either a CrimeWatch student or a police officer.

*** If officers are on urgent calls for service and there is no one else available you may experience a lengthy delay with non-emergent requests.

If you feel unsafe for any reason on campus, call 911 or Police Services Emergency number 360-867-6140.

Traffic Enforcement

Campus police officers perform traffic enforcement duties on and around The Evergreen State College campus and work to maintain the safe flow of traffic and pedestrians through the area. Officers also investigate traffic collisions as they occur.

Vehicle Unlocks and Jumpstarts

If officers are available, they may be able to assist you with a vehicle unlock/entry or a jumpstart if your battery is dead. 

Call 360-867-6832 or ext. 6832.

*** If officers are on urgent calls for service, you may experience a lengthy delay or you may be assisted by our parking enforcement personnel if they are available.