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Student Self-Evaluations

November 7, 2012
Faculty Handbook Listed as 7.624 within Faculty Handbook
Faculty Agenda Committee & Provost: November 7, 2012
Past Version(s)
Student Self-Evaluations - archived November 2012
On November 16, 2011, the faculty passed ten proposals related to the Academic Statement and Mentoring. Proposal #8 states "... faculty will no longer have the option to require self-evaluations for the transcript." The Faculty Agenda Committee approved changes to the Faculty Handbook in both the "Student self-evaluations" section of 7.620 and in section 7.624 to reflect this action.
Faculty Agenda Committee: November 7, 2012
  1. All students are required to go through a written self-evaluation process in their academic programs.

  2. There is no requirement that a faculty signature appear on student self-evaluations.

  3. Students are not permitted to remove self-evaluations from their completed transcripts.