The Evergreen State College Challenge Course

Challenge Course

Everyone lives, works, and plays within the context of some type of connected group or team. Effectiveness, success, and genuine enjoyment within this context will only occur when each individual learns to apply their skills and talents to the team as a whole.

The question we are then faced with is “How and where do we learn to think and act with the group in mind?” The goal of The Evergreen State College Challenge Course is to facilitate your team’s discovery of the answer.

Nestled among the forest on Evergreen's Olympia campus, the course consists of numerous low team elements, as well as four new and exciting high elements (including parallel zip-lines). Our course is open year round to accommodate your team building needs, special event, or corporate training schedule.

Low Elements

Low elements will test your group’s problem-solving abilities, communication, and trust in one another. Whether it’s spotting or supporting your teammate on the Trust Fall, testing each others balance and strength on the Wild Woozy, or figuring out the secrets of the Giant’s Finger, our low elements will provide your group with thought provoking teamwork and fun!

High Elements

High elements will push each individual participant to go beyond their comfort zone. These unique elements will challenge you emotionally, physically, and mentally all while receiving support from your friends, family, co-workers, and teammates. You will go speeding down the 500 foot double zip line, take a “leap of faith” 40 feet in the air, rely on your partners to conquer the giant’s ladder or vertical playpen, and test your balance and coordination as you walk the cable line traverse. Each individual element will bring out the adventurous side of everyone!


Pricing varies depending on group size and duration. Rates start as low as $20 per person for community groups (12 participant max) for 5 hours. We offer special student, team, corporate, and non-profit rates! Contact us today for more information. We can tailor your experience to meet your pricing needs!

Contact Information

Questions? Contact The Challenge Course Manager, Chris Ertman, at 360-867-6520 or by email at for pricing and booking information.

Please note: The Challenge Course will be closed for repair during the winter of 2014. We are looking forward to a strong re-opening in April of 2015. Thank you for your patience!


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