The Outdoor Program

Reflection Lake Snowshoe

“This trail stays right along the edge of timber line, making it one of the most spectacular routes for snowshoers (and cross-country skiers) in Mount Rainier National Park. The trail provides a wonderful experience in a winter forest, the chance to visit a frozen alpine lake, and subalpine meadows in which to play and soak up the scenery.”-Washington Trails Association

Snowshoe to one of Mt. Rainier’s most beautiful lakes on this 3 mile round trip snowshoe outing perfect for first-time snowshoers and people looking for a less challenging TOP trip. The area has boundless opportunities for side trails, alternate routes and further exploration pending the conditions and what the group wants to do. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to frolic in one of the Northwest’s premier winter wonderlands! Snowshoes provided by TOP!

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 4/24/13, 6pm, CRC 113
Instructors: Josh Roth, Jacob Schroeter
Date: 4/27/2013
Location: Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park
Time: Depart 8am, returning 7pm
Participant Limits: 9
Expenses and Fees: $15
Registration Cutoff: 4/24/13