The Outdoor Program

Greener Geoduck Paddle

The Outdoor Program and Evergreen’s Shellfish Club are partnering to bring you a most excellent outing this April. On Sunday, April 28, we will take advantage of the low -2.8 ft. tide to kayak to Frye Cove State Park and try our hand at gathering some shellfish. We’ll provide the tools, boats and expertise to paddle to the beach and find Horse, Manila and Butter Clams, Pacific Oysters, and maybe even Geoducks. No previous experience is necessary, but you’ll need to be ready to get sandy and wet. After gathering our catch, we’ll have a BBQ on the beach and appreciate our bounty. Coolers and bags will be available for participants to bring their harvest home.

8 kayaking spots are available and will be filled on a first come-first served basis. We will depart from the Evergreen Beach at 9 AM.

VERY IMPORTANT: Participants must obtain a Washington State Shellfish license through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (cost approx. $16). You can purchase these online at WDFW.WA.GOV or at Big 5 off of Cooper Point Rd. and Capital Mall Dr. SW. Permits must be obtained and brought to the MANDATORY pre-trip meeting.

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 4/23/13, 6pm, CRC 113
Instructors: Evan Skandalis, Zach Moore
Date: 4/28/2013
Location: Frye Cove State Park
Time: Depart 9am, returning 5pm
Participant Limits: 8
Expenses and Fees: $20 and WDFW license fee
Registration Cutoff: 4/23/13