The Outdoor Program

Sun Lakes Camping Trip

Come Enjoy two full days of fun in the sun with TOP! We are going on a two night camping trip to Sun Lakes Resort in Eastern Washington to fully enjoy the desert. The trip will include multiple day hikes to both lower and upper dry falls as well as a chance to see a petrified rhino! The resort offers miniature golf and boating experiences that will be available for you to take advantage of on our down time, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 5/8/13, 6pm, CRC 113
Instructors: Jacob Schroeter, Kara Quirke, Casey Schein
Date: 5/10 - 5/12/2013
Location: Sun Lakes State Park
Time: TBA
Participant Limits: 10
Expenses and Fees: $100
Registration Cutoff: 5/8/13