The Outdoor Program

Welcome SPSCC and SMU Students!

We now welcome students from St. Martin’s and SPSCC to join us on outdoor program trips and classes!!!  Come by the campus recreation center or email The Outdoor Program for more information.

Due to changing road access and conditions, all trips may be subject to last-minute cancellation if TOP staff deem conditions unsafe or impassable.  If your trip is canceled, you will receive a call from TOP or a CRC administrator and may collect a refund at the CRC 210 desk.

Remember, mandatory trip meetings are mandatory.  If you cannot make a meeting, contact us at The Outdoor Program at least a day prior to the meeting and other arrangements may be possible.  Otherwise if you miss a meeting you will not be allowed to participate in the activity.

There are no refunds of trip fees unless a trip is canceled.

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2014 Spring Quarter Event Schedule

Date Trips
Apr. 12 Lava Canyon Day Hike
Apr. 19 Goldbar Bouldering Trip
Apr. 19-20 Intro to Backpacking at Lena Lake
Apr. 26-27 Enchanted Valley Backpacking
Apr. 26-27 Crater Lake Backpacking
May 3-4 Mt. Hood Climb
May 10-11 Vantage Climbing Trip
May 17-18 Bandera Mountain Backpacking
May 31 - June 1 The Brothers Mountaineering Trip

 Please register at the CRC Administration desk. Space is limited.
All questions should be directed to The Outdoor Program

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