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Twenty Credit Registration

The 20 credit limit is designed to allow students to develop more breadth in their education and to earn credits for work that some students currently do when they are enrolled in, and doing all the work for a 16 credit program, but are receiving only 12 credits so they can enroll in a language or other course for credit.

We do not regard all combinations of courses, contracts and programs that lead to 20 credits as equally satisfactory for the best learning situation.

We view 12 to 16 credits as a full load for most students, so the decision to enroll for 17 or more should be made knowing that the workload will increase significantly.

We do not recommend that freshmen choose this option.

We believe that students wishing to choose this option will be best served if they are enrolled in a 12- to 16-credit program and enroll for an additional 4 credit course (or even two if appropriate).

We do not recommend other combinations with multiple courses or contracts or partial programs combined to earn more than 16 credits.

How this works:

  • To ensure that we appropriately balance faculty workload while allowing students to increase their credit load, no single mode of study will be offered for more than 16 credits in a given quarter. (Modes include coordinated and group contract programs, courses, internships, and individual contracts.)
  • Total registration in contracts plus internships may not equal more than 16 credits per quarter.
  • Tuition will remain the same for 10 to 18 credits.
  • Students enrolling for 19 or 20 credits will pay a tuition surcharge, details of which are at
  • Students must enroll for more than 16 credits on or before the fifth day of the quarter. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
  • This option is available only to admitted, undergraduate students.
  • Financial aid recipients enrolling for 19 or 20 credits may expect to have their cost of attendance automatically reviewed for tuition overload costs, and will be notified of any possible changes.
  • Tacoma students must make arrangements with the Director of the Tacoma program to be eligible to earn more than 16 credits.
  • This policy increases the limit for transfer credit and/or concurrent enrollment credit that will count toward a degree to 20 credits per quarter.

Students should expect to work increased hours for additional credits in the following ways:

  • A student enrolled for 18 credits should expect to be doing a minimum of 45 hours of work per week, including 16 to 18 classroom hours.
  • A student enrolled for 20 credits should expect to be doing a minimum of 50 hours of work per week, including 18 to 20 classroom hours.