Don Finkel Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $5,061
Due Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Don Finkel taught at The Evergreen State College for 23 years and developed many innovative teaching approaches used at Evergreen today. During his last sabbatical, he wrote the book Teaching with Your Mouth Shut, in which he explored his ideas on teaching and education. His graduate training was in developmental psychology but he loved teaching the humanities, which he had studied as an undergraduate. This scholarship has been established in his memory to provide support to outstanding students in the humanities.

The Don Finkel Memorial Scholarship is offered to a currently enrolled student who will be attending full time and has completed at least three academic quarters at Evergreen. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who shows excellence in work in the humanities. Financial need is not a consideration.


  • Letter of application, not to exceed two pages, describing your interest in the humanities.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty that address your previous work and potential in the humanities.
  • Unofficial copies of Evergreen evaluations (see How to Apply #3C).