Undergraduate Scholarships & Tuition Awards

Questions about Scholarships & Tuition Awards

Commonly asked questions and answers


Do I have to be admitted to the college before I apply for Evergreen scholarships and tuition awards?

No. The scholarship/tuition award deadline of February 1st is earlier than the priority admissions deadline of March 1st so you should work on both processes simultaneously along with filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We will not offer you a scholarship/tuition award until you have been admitted.

Is there a separate application form required to apply for Evergreen's scholarships or tuition awards?

No. Our process requires that a "packet" of information be prepared for each of the opportunities you want to be considered for. Depending on the scholarship/tuition award, the packet will consist of at least a letter of application that the applicant composes, and possibly letters of recommendation and transcripts.

Can letters of recommendation and transcripts be delivered separately?

Yes. However, we recommend submitting all materials for each scholarship/tuition award you apply for as a "packet." Due to the large volume of information received, we will be unable to confirm receipt of materials until after March 15, and this way you will know that you have submitted all the required documents when you turn in your packet.


Do I need separate copies of my transcripts and letters of recommendation when I apply for more than one scholarship/tuition award?

Yes. Because separate committees will be reviewing the application pools and will not have access to your other applications.

Do I need to supply a copy of my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) along with my scholarship/tuition award application?

No. But you do need to complete the FAFSA process no later than February 1, to have the results in our Financial Aid Office by March 1, when committees will begin reviewing the applications. The committees will receive your financial aid information via our Financial Aid Office. Don't forget that Evergreen's Title IV Code for the FAFSA is: 008155.

When will the notification be sent?

We will begin notifying applicants about results April 1 and continue through July 1. We have different committees reading each of the scholarship/tuition awards, which makes it difficult to give exact dates. You will receive notification whether you receive a scholarship or not.

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