PLATO Technology Grants History


  • To support the project, "Tracking Long-distance Migration in Western Birds" (Alison Styring)


  • To support three-dimensional soundscape mapping in the Evergreen forest (Alison Styring, Isaac Overcast, Peter Randlette, Richard Weiss)


  • To develop an Arduino lab facility for arts and sciences (Krishna Chowdary, Richard Weiss, Ruth Hayes, Ben Kamen, Naima Lowe, Julia Zay, Kathleen Eamon, Steven Hendricks, Shaw Osha, Issac Overcast, Peter Randlette, Amy Greene, Aaron Kruse)
  • To explore the feasibility and functionality of tablet technology as a field tool for teaching and learning (Ken Tabbutt, Rip Heminway)


  • Eight-channel Digital Audio Synthesis Classroom (Arun Chandra, Isaac Overcast, Amy Greene, Richard Weiss)
  • Exploration of the Use of Ebooks for Classroom Teaching and Library Collections at Evergreen (Sara Huntington, Paul McMillin, Liz Ulery, Jules Unsel)


  • Advanced Computing Research Lab (Sherri Shulman, Neal Nelson, Isaac Overcast)
  • Merging TESC Ecological Data into Computer Visualizations [2nd phase] (Dylan Fischer, Judith Cushing, Carri LeRoy, Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar)


  • Merging TESC Ecological Data into Computer Visualizations (Dylan Fischer, Judith Cushing, Carri LeRoy, Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar, Lee Zeman)


  • Integrating Robotics into the Curriculum for Media and Computer Science (David McAvity, Richard Weiss, Isaac Overcast)


  • Acquiring and Using a 3D Visualization System in Science Courses and programs On the Tacoma Campus of The Evergreen State College (Bracey Dangerfield, Zhang Er, Paul McCreary, Tyrus Smith, Luversa Sullivan)
  • HD Television Research (Anne Fischel, Peter Randlette, et al.)


  • Library Special Access (Lee Lyttle,, Linda Pickering, Ernestine Kimbro, Sarah Pedersen)
  • Creating Multi-Agent Applications for the Classroom (David McAvity)
  • Science in the City (Tyrus Smith, Luversa Sullivan, Gulda Sheppard)


  • Interactive GIS (Sylvie McGee)


  • Clusters in the Canopy (Judith Cushing)
  • Barlow-Beagle Buoy (Clyde Barlow, Marty Beagle)          


  • Digital Integration (Sally Cloninger, Anne Fischel, et al.)
  • Motion/Design In Nature (Ruth Hayes, David McAvity)
  • Software Samplers (Peter Randlette)