College Work Calendar Dates

Student Work Hours and Dates for the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 Academic Year

Students must be currently registered for a minimum of 4 undergraduate or 2 graduate credits to hold a student position.
Work weeks are calculated from start of day Sunday through end of day Saturday.

When classes are in session each quarter students may work up to 19 hours a week.
When classes are NOT in session students may work up to 40 hours a week.

NOTE: Work Study postions run yearly from September 16th to June 30th. Evergreen does not have a Summer Work Study program.


Summer Quarter:
(40 hour limit)
Beginning Summer Break Week: June 16 - June 18

(19 hour limit)
June 19 - August 27

1st Session Evaluation Week: July 24 - July 30

2nd and Full Session Evaluation and Break Weeks: August 28 - September 15


When entering student jobs into the EPAF system for the school year the dates should normally be September 16th 2016 to June 30th 2017.

Fall Quarter:
(19 hour limit)
September 25 - December 10

(40 hour limit)
Before and During Orientation Week: September 16 - 24
Thanksgiving Break: November 20 - 26
Evaluation and Break Weeks: December 11 - January 7

Winter Quarter:
(19 hour limit)
January 8 - March 18

(40 hour limit)
Evaluation and Break Weeks: March 19 - April 1

Spring Quarter:
(19 hour limit)
April 2 - June 10

(40 hour limit - for students not attending summer)
Evaluation Week and after: June 11 - 30

Summer Quarter:
(40 hour limit)
Beginning Summer Break Week: June 16 - June 24

(19 hour limit - for students attending summer)
June 25 - September 9

1st Session Evaluation Week: TBA

2nd and Full Session Evaluation and Break Week: September 10 - September 15

SUMMER QUARTER: If a student will be returning in the Fall, they will remain in student worker status for the entire Summer and may work up to 40 hours per week. Though, students registered fulltime for both Summer sessions, are limited to 19 hours per week for the quarter when classes are in session.
For students below halftime, or only attending one session, please contact us for guidance.