Student Employment

Hiring Forms (On Campus)

Generic Application

The generic application PDF Word is available as a convenience to employers who have not created their own customized application for hiring.

I-9 Form: Employment Eligibility Verification

The I-9 Form is required for all Evergreen student employees to complete in order to show both identity and employment eligibility. Students must provide original documentation (copies and faxes are not acceptable).

I-9 Acceptable Documents
List A Documents -or- List B Documents + List C Documents
I-9 Docs

The student employee must complete Section 1, Employee Information and Verification, on or before their first day of work, and sign in ink. The Student Employment Office or supervisor needs to make a photocopy of the employee's documents to attach to the form, complete Section 2, Employer Review and Verification, and certify the I-9 by signing in ink, within 72 hours of their first day of work.

Note: If the student provides a Social Security Card as part of their documentation, copies of both front and back are required to accompany the I-9. For more information please refer to the I-9 Handbook.

W-4 Form

Go to Pay History and Information to view or submit your W-4. You will need to submit this when you begin working at Evergreen and any time you need to change your tax deductions. For more information see Pay History and Information on (PDF).

Direct Deposit

Go to Pay History and Information to set up or edit your direct deposit allocations. New direct deposit set up requires one “testing payroll” before the direct deposit goes through. For more information see Pay History and Information on (PDF).

International Student Employment

International students with certain visas are eligible to work on campus. The student must have a Social Security number and a valid form I-20 or DS-2019. Please contact the Student Employment Office to process their paperwork before they start working.