Student and Academic Support Services (SASS)

Fall 2013 New Student Orientation

September 21–29, 2013

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Student Civic Engagement Institute, September 15–20

This is an exciting opportunity for new first-year students to begin connecting with fellow students and faculty while developing skills in leadership, communication, and community-building.

Family and Friends Weekend
Saturday and Sunday, September 21–22

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New Student Orientation at Evergreen begins with Family & Friends Weekend. The start of your academic career at Evergreen is important not only for you, but also for those who will support you over the years. Over these two days your family and friends will have opportunities to talk with parents of currently enrolled Evergreen students, tour the campus, and participate in workshops and special interest sessions. A special brunch will feature Evergreen President, Vice President and Academic Dean for 1st year programs.

Here are a few highlights:

Saturday, September 21—Family and Friends Weekend

  • Housing Resident Check-In
  • Utilities Service Fair
  • Opening Session of Family and Friends Weekend
  • Heart Sparkle Players Evening Performance
  • Welcome Reception for New Transfer and Evening & Weekend Students

Sunday, September 22—Family and Friends Weekend

  • Housing Resident Check-In for Late Arrivals
  • Concurrent Special Interest Sessions
  • President’s Orientation Brunch

New Student Orientation Week
Monday–Saturday, September 23–29

Topics covered during the week:
  • Academic Statement Seminar
  • Common Reading Discussions
  • Academic Planning Workshops
  • Self Care and Expectations as a member of the Evergreen Community
  • The Evergreen Social Contract and Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Teaching and Learning at Evergreen
  • Student Employment Workshops
  • Sustainability at Evergreen
  • Service Learning Activities
  • Living and Learning in an Inclusive Community
  • Ways to get Involved in Leadership Opportunities
  • Places to Explore in Olympia and the Beautiful Northwest

Sample Schedule of Events

Monday, September 23

  • All Campus Convocation
  • Academic Planning Workshop
  • Student Employment Orientation Workshop
  • International Student Orientation
  • Access Services for New Students with Disabilities
  • Academic Statement Seminar
  • Evening and Weekend Studies Orientation

Tuesday, September 24

  • Learning to Learn: Writing and Quantitative Programs
  • Diversity at Evergreen: An Inclusive Community
  • Academic Statement Seminar

Wednesday, September 25

  • Student Employment Workshop
  • Academic Planning Workshop
  • Taking Care of Self and Others and Safety and The Red Zone
  • Welcome Reception for Queer and Transgender Students

Thursday, September 26

  • Developing Your Career Pathways
  • Learning to Learn at Evergreen: Getting Organized and Time Awareness
  • Academic Planning Workshop
  • Taking Care of this Place: Sustainability 101
  • Student Services Receptions
  • Academic Statement Seminar and Common Read
  • Taking Care of Self and Others: Developing Healthy Relationships

Friday, September 27

  • Student Employee Workshop
  • Taking Care of Self and Others: Developing Healthy Relationships
  • Academic Planning Workshop
  • Welcome Reception for Veterans and Veterans’ Dependents
  • Community to Community-Day of Caring: National Problems; Local Solutions

Saturday and Sunday, September 28–29

  • Opportunities to Explore the Beautiful Northwest