Performing Arts

Compose and produce original music and dance works. Explore the work of established playwrights, composers, and choreographers. Perform in music, theater, and dance productions. Design sets, costumes, lighting, and sound for shows you present to audiences on campus and off.


Theater Intensive production of Machinal by Sophie Tredwell.

Studying the performing arts at Evergreen enables you to combine your passion for your discipline with the discovery and articulation of your desires. You'll learn about the larger social world the arts inhabit and reach out to explore and create the possible but not yet existing realities that the arts can reveal.

Bodies and Music in Motion

The students of Bodies and Music in Motion host an end-of-quarter performance in the Communications Building dance studio. The performance included music, singing, dance, and poetry.

Our performing arts students have done wonderful work in experimental and traditional spheres. They’ve directed plays by Shakespeare, Brecht, and others. They've written and performed in avante-garde operas with self-built and designed musical instruments. And they've and created and danced in productions for the campus and larger community. At Evergreen, students learn about the technologies of theater and musical sound synthesis and they participate in music, theater, and dance performances under faculty direction. In our multidisciplinary classes, you’ll have the opportunity to work in groups that combine all the facets of performing arts to produce rewarding work.

Join us in an education that doesn’t just change your life — it gives you the tools to change the world.

Bodies and Music in Motion

The performing arts curriculum is supported by a wide range of specialized facilities for students to explore a variety of expressive styles.

At Evergreen, students learn about the technologies of theater and musical sound synthesis and they participate in music, theater, and dance performances under faculty direction.

Sample Program

Selves and Others: Representation and Performance

Offered at Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

This program examines the cultural norms that shape our notions of selfhood and the forces that compel individuals to construct their identities and bodies in relation to society and ideologies. We won't simply valorize the heroic individual as the victim of an oppressive, alienating society. We look for positive potential in relationships between individuals and groups by synthesizing new ideas across three disciplines — improvisational performance, sociology, and literature. These and other inquiries inform our collective conversation, student research, and collaborative creative efforts.

Readings include sociological studies and theoretical texts, a selection of 20th-century literature and theory, and texts on improvisational performance. Research, creative writing, and critical essay projects challenge students to develop their own inquiries in relation to program themes.

We spend the first part of the program learning fundamental skills and concepts of sociology, literature, and improvisational theater through lectures, workshops, seminars, fieldwork exercises, and individual and collaborative projects. Beginning in winter, students develop major projects integrating what they've learned, which culminate in collaborative performance pieces in spring quarter.

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Beggar’s Opera

Eric Jacobs at a fitting for The Beggar’s Opera in the Costume Shop. Jacobs plays Macheath in a production staged by the program Musical Theater in Cultural Context.

You’ll learn about the larger social world the arts inhabit and reach out to explore and create the possible but not yet existing realities that the arts can reveal.

Offerings Proposed For 2017-18

As a student at Evergreen, you'll select from programs like the ones listed here to build your own education. While there are no specific course requirements, you can choose to develop an Area of Emphasis with help from advisors and faculty.

Lower Division

Programs for freshmen and sophomores:

All Levels

Both upper and lower division students may take these programs:

Upper Division

Programs for juniors and seniors:

After Graduation

Our graduates have gone on to graduate studies in drama, music composition, ethnomusicology, and more. They’ve found work with dance companies and theater groups in New York and beyond. Many have gone on to professional work in their chosen fields. Our interdisciplinary outlook allows students to follow their passions while broadening their horizons.

The Vagina Monologues

Backstage at the 2013 performance of The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler at the Evergreen State College. The show, now it's 11th year at the college, is presented by the Evergreen Womyn’s Resource Center.

Facilities and Resources

Labs for Film, Animation, Music Technology, & Design

Created for use by students of the performing and media arts, the Design Lab boasts 50 workstations and a variety of equipment including light tables, drafting tables, tables with cutting mats, and animation stations suitable for 2-D and 3-D creation. This space is also equipped with full audio and video playback equipment and art critique or presentation area.

Performance Spaces

The Experimental Theater is a fully equipped black box theater with flexible seating and staging. The theater can seat up to 200. There is a counterweight system to accommodate flown scenery, lighting and soft goods. It is equipped with new dimmers and lighting console, as well as full sound and video support.

The Recital Hall is a space acoustically designed for music recitals. It is also used for drama, dance, film and lecture presentations. It seats 200, has a state of the art lighting system, and 7.1 surround sound. The room has a large projection screen, playback system, and audio recording facility.

The newly remodeled Dance Studio has a world-class sprung wood floor and ample wall-mounted mirrors that can easily accommodate up to 75 dancers. It has a fixed lighting grid and features a full audio and video playback system. The space can be configured for performance, and can hold an audience of up to 50 people.

The newly added and exceptionally flexible Performance Studio was designed as a mini black box style space with fixed lighting grid and wall-mounted mirrors. It is ideal for small student-run productions and can seat up to 60 audience members.

The Mini Experimental Theater (M.E.T.) is another mini black box style space, ideal for workshops and is equipped with a lighting grid, and moveable sound and video equipment. This space can be configured for small performances and is well suited for student-run productions.

Production Spaces

The Performance and Production Studio is a multi-use space, seating up to 150 students. It features exceptional acoustics and has an adjacent audio control room, a moderate stage space, and three shallow stepped risers accommodating lectures, rehearsals, audio recording and performance.

Located next to our cutting-edge Multitrack Studio the Music Performance and Rehearsal space allows for advanced audio recording and post-production. Variable sound dampening makes this room ideal for a variety of musical styles in addition to other types of presentations to a live audience of up to 50. This room features full audio and video playback.

The Scene Shop is equipped with wood, metal and paint departments and staffed by students whose work supports academic productions through a variety of disciplines, including stage management, design, carpentry, lighting, painting and costuming. The costume shop is equipped with several standard and industrial sewing machines, sergers, and a dye and laundry facility. The shop also houses the college’s stock of set pieces, props and costumes for student check out.