International Programs and Services

Domestic Study Partnerships

Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning

The Evergreen State College is a member of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL). This membership offers Evergreen students the opportunity to study for a limited time and under limited conditions at one of 12 other member colleges and universities around the U.S.  For more information about specific CIEL opportunities available to you, please contact Dr. Nancy Murray, Evergreen CIEL Liaison, at 360-867-5497.

SEA Semester

Sea Education Association is an internationally recognized leader in undergraduate ocean education that develops and operates a series of SEA Semester programs. College students from all disciplines study the ocean from a multitude of academic perspectives – and from Tall Ships. Students complete the first portion of SEA Semester programs at the institution’s Cape Cod, Massachusetts, campus and then set sail on either Atlantic or Pacific Ocean routes. A sampler of ports of call in the Atlantic: Nova Scotia, Bermuda, Bahamas, Florida Keys, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Bonaire, Mexico, Cayman Islands. A sampler of ports of call in the Pacific: California, Mexico, Tahiti, Windward Islands, Marquesas Islands, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington State. Students interested in Marine Studies or Humanities areas are encouraged to inquire further.

University of Washington – Jackson School for International Studies

The Evergreen State College and the prestigious University of Washington Jackson School for International Studies have partnered to allow a limited number of Evergreen students to enroll for up to one year of study as Visiting Students, studying language, area studies, comparative religious studies, economics, or international trade and affairs. For more information about Evergreen's application procedures for this competitive program, go to The Jackson School Program.

The Washington Center for Internships – Washington, D.C.

The Washington Center places students, according to their interests, in a quarter-long, high-quality internship at an agency or organization in Washington, D.C., London, Quebec City, Sydney, or Monterrey, Mexico. The Washington Center maintains ties with hundreds of organizations – governmental, nonprofit, corporate, and international – to create unique opportunities for students. For both undergraduates and recent grads, this program can link your academic interests to a career opportunity. Ask about scholarship opportunities offered by the state of Washington to support student participation.