Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ's

Where can I study abroad?

Destinations are endless depending on the path you choose. Check out the Destinations and Explore Your Options links Pathways links from the site navigation.

Will my financial aid pay for it?

Grants and loans you receive can be used to pay for study abroad, but tuition waivers and work study are not transferable.

I don't have enough money. Can I get more?

You will find information to help you with this question on the Financial Aid/Finances page.

Can I go after I've graduated?

No, all of our consortium programs are for undergraduate students.

I want to go to a place not listed in the destinations. Can I still go?

It is possible to go - by using an Individual Learning Contract.

I want to go to a language school. Can I do this and transfer credit?

It is possible to go by using an Individual Learning Contract. Please note that language school credit is not comparable to credit with a regular university. You would need to discuss this with the coordinator for international programs and study abroad to add additional elements to your contract in order for it to be interdisciplinary.

Can I Study Abroad as a sophomore?

It is recommended that you have at least junior standing. Some programs require this, but others depend on the student's abilities and prior experience.

If the program has a language requirement, how strict is it?

If you are participating in an internship it may be required. If the program you are going on fully integrates you into a class where the course is taught in that language it is essential. There are certain programs where they do not expect you to have fluency and some where they do not expect you to know the language at all and include language courses as part of the program. This, of course, is not the case for any program going to a country in which the dominant/official language is English it is expected that you are fluent.

I am taking an Evergreen program that has an optional Study Abroad component. Can I get additional financial aid?

It is possible. We recommend you come in for an appointment to fully explain this option, but a simple breakdown is as follows: your instructor submits a trip budget to the Financial Aid office and a list of students who will be attending. You need to submit a letter regarding the abroad component and a signed request form from Financial Aid NO LATER than the 5th week of the quarter prior to the one that involves the trip abroad. If your instructor has not submitted a trip budget, you will need to get together with them and work one out. Any additional funds that will be offered to you will be in the form of loans only.

Contact us if you have questions that aren't answered here