Advising for International Students

Recently Admitted and Continuing International Students

This page was designed to help international students who have already been admitted to Evergreen understand what things to do before arriving at Evergreen, and provide basic logistic information to get started. If you wish to apply for admission to study at Evergreen, please go to the Admissions Office website for International Students.

The following information is critical for students before coming to the U.S.. Please take time to read through the information carefully.

Before You Come to Evergreen

Getting Your Visa (F-1 or J-1)

Planning Your Trip

Confused? Call 360-867-6312 or email Advising and be sure to explain that you are a new international student and/or ask to speak with the International Student Advisor.

Before You Come to Evergreen...

After you have been accepted by the Admissions Office, there are many things you need to think about and arrange at Evergreen. The following is a list of things for you to arrange and take care of on your own.

1 . Pay your Tutition Deposit. Students are required to pay a $50 deposit after they are accepted. This can be done by calling the Cashier's Office at 360-867-6445 with a credit card (have your A# ready) or email the Cashier's Office. Always include your A# (Admission number). If you do not know your A#, email Advising.

2. Housing and Meals. On-campus housing fills up very quickly at Evergreen. If you wish to live on-campus, please complete the housing forms as early as possible. Questions can be directed to Housing. Some students choose to live off-campus in apartments, but this is something you must pursue on your own if you prefer this option. Some students choose to live in downtown Olympia. All Evergreen students can ride the Intercity Bus for free, and this is helpful to know if you choose to live away from the campus since the bus goes from Downtown Olympia to Evergreen in about 25 minutes.

3. Registration. It is VERY important that you start reviewing program choices as soon as possible and select a program you wish to take. "Program" means class at Evergreen. We recommend that you choose 3-4 programs that interest you before trying to register, but you will only sign up for one. Follow the specific instrucions for registration. It is important to do this before you arrive at Evergreen. For example, if you are arriving at the traditional start of Fall Quarter in late September, you should register for your classes in May. If you wait, classes may fill up and may no longer be available.

Other things to consider about Evergreen and Olympia, WA such as Cost of Living, Weather (what clothing to bring ), History, Public Transportation and much more info is available by surfing through the Evergreen website:

Getting your Visa

A "visa" is simply a colored stamp/seal (with your picture) that goes into your passport. It functions just as a key that opens a door. Your visa will be inspected at the airport in the U.S. where you first arrive here, and allows you to enter the U.S.

After you have been accepted by the Admissions Office, you will receive a packet of information and a special immigration document. It is usually an "I-20" form (for the F-1 visa), but may sometimes be a "DS-2019" form (for the J-1 visa).

Once you have this from, you must make an appointment with the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy for a time when you can visit to get your visa. Please allow plenty of time for this, so make your appointment well in advance.

When it is time for your appointment, you should bring:

1. Passport

2. Evergreen State College I-20 or DS-2019 form & Admission letter

3. Proof of finances (bank statement)

4. Pictures

5. You must pay fees. There is a Visa fee and a SEVIS fee. (See the consulate/embassy website below.)

6. Forms to fill out and bring. (online at the website below.)

7. Exchange students (J visa/DS-2019 form) must bring proof of Health Insurance; either existing Health Insurance or Evergreen's student insurance.

For a specific instructions on how to prepare for your visa appointment, read the US Consulate/Embassy's web page:

Planning Your Trip

To get to Evergreen, you should make your flight arrangements to SeaTac Airport. Our advice is that you plan to arrive at SeaTac Airport (International code is SEA) before 2pm on any day, so that you have enough time to get US dollars cash, and also to arrange for your transportation to Olympia. Unfortunately, we cannot pick you up at the airport. To get to Olympia (about one hour), our advice is to take the Capital Aeroporter the first time:

Capital Aeroporter
in Seattle call: 206-244-0011
in Olympia call: 360-754-7113
toll-free call: 800-962-3579

The Capital Aeroporter costs around $30-40 one way, and you can ask them to take you to The Evergreen State College, the dorms at Evergreen, Downtown Olympia, or a hotel for your first evening - whereever you prefer. If you have on campus housing reserved here at Evergreen, then you should tell them to take you to the dorms at Evergreen. We recommend you email the Housing Office before you leave your country and inform them when you will be arriving (add 2 hours to your SeaTac arrival time). You should also call the Housing office before you leave SeaTac to come to Olympia to make sure they know you are coming 360-867-6132. They can prepare to help you when you arrive. It takes about one hour to reach Evergreen from SeaTac.

If your flight is delayed or you miss your chance to get to Olympia the day you arrive, or you are just too tired to continue on to Olympia, there are plenty of hotels near the airport. Some students prefer to explore Seattle first and there is an excellent Youth Hostel to stay in near downtown:

Once you arrive at Evergreen and have rested, come to Academic Advising, 2nd Floor of Library Building, and ask to see the International Student Advisor.

Good luck, see you when you arrive!